World of Warcraft – Day One

With the release of World of Warcraft in North America, Australia, and New Zealand yesterday, we have already seen an incredible level of demand for the game. We launched with 41 servers in the U.S. yesterday, and we are bringing up an additional 34 servers today to accommodate the influx of players.

In just one day, World of Warcraft sold through an estimated 250,000 copies to players. Over 200,000 accounts have already been created, and peak concurrency across all active game servers has been above 100,000.

The account-creation and concurrent-user populations are both record numbers for a MMORPG on its first day of launch, making World of Warcraft the fastest-growing online game in history.


I did not have as much time to play as I was expecting as my wife came down with a sinus infection. I did get to level 8 with my rogue so it’s a start anyway.

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