“I Have No Use For Gold Now”

My brother who said “I have no use for gold now.” gave me 25 gold last night in WoW so I spent some time in the Orgrimmar Auction House buying lots of uncommon (green and some blue!) goodies. Now I feel all elite or something.

My brother plays a level 60 rogue. He wields what he says are the 2 best swords in the game. They sure looked impressive anyway. I guess when you are at max level, have the undead mount that costs 1000 gold and have the best weapons in the game, gold probably is not of any use to you any more. I do not feel bad having gold given to me in a game. Never have and never will. It just makes it easier for me to have more fun. Besides, now I have a full length cloak and that means I rock.

Got about 2/3 of the way to 24 tonight just doing a few quests around Tarren Mills.

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