WoW Server Follies

While rare (in my experience), I have occasionally encountered some odd problems while playing World of Warcraft. Last night was one of those times.

A friend of mine asked if I wanted to run through Shadowfang Keep to try to get my Rogue one of the Meteor Shard daggers that drop at the end on occasion. I had nothing going on so I decided it would be fun. I was in the Crossroads and had a bit of travel time ahead of me. I needed to take a flight to Orgrimmar then run to the Zeppelin. The Zep would take me to the Undercity where I could catch a flight to the Sepulcher. From there I had to run on foot to the Shadowfang Keep (SFK) entrance.

While I was doing that, my friend decided to enter SFK and start clearing out the place. As I got closer, we made a group. This was a mistake. We may have avoided these problems if we had formed a group before he went in, but we have never had a problem adding someone into a group for an instance before so we thought nothing of it. Until… I ran through the entrance to SFK.

After zoning (it is an instance so you zone into your own unique version of the area) I was attacked full force and had to run back out. He asked me where I was and I told him I was outside because a bunch of mobs attacked me at the entrance. He said he would come back and clean up, assuming there had been a respawn. He got back and ran outside to meet me. We went back in and I got the wonderful “this is not your instance please leave or die kthxbye” message. Went back out.

Then we went through various stages of grouping, ungrouping, making a raid, abandoned the raid, etc. Nothing helped. He decided he would recall to Undercity and then run back and see if zoning helped. When he got back, he could not enter the instance at all. He would just stand there in the zone area and nothing would happen. I could still run into it (and get attacked).

We decided to relog. Nothing changed. We filed a request for help and then waited. While we waited we did a little roleplay. “Don’t enter the swirling portal, it’s evil!” “EEEEVvvviilll!” “Do not taunt happy fun portal!”Of course many people did enter the portal with no problems.

After a while (of no help from our request), my friend decided to charge into the portal one last time and he got in! So I followed and what do you know “leave or DIE!” pops on my screen again. This time we both leave, drop the group, reform the group and go back in. No warning. Huh. So we proceed to do the whole instance.

At the end, the dude that drops the dagger on occasion dropped a robe.

We have to go back now…

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