Working As Intended

[World of Warcraft] I was told that I could level my rogue’s lockpicking skill by picking a locked chest that is in a pirate ship near Ratchet. I went in and started picking the lock. Going along smoothly until I stopped at 110 skill. I was told you can get up to 175 here but I appeared to be bugged. I tried about 40 more times in a row with no skillup and decided to petition the problem.

The GM responded later on that it is working as intended. Nuts to that, I thought. Heck, the lock was still yellow to me which tells me I should still gain skill on it. I totally knew he was wrong.

I decided to read the WoW forums today to see if I could prove the GM wrong. After digging through 29 pages of discussion on lockpicking I found my answer: Lockpicking is capped at 5X per level. I am level 22 so 5×22=110. Damn, it *is* working as intended!

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