All weekend when I had free time I would log into WoW. It just wasn’t working for me. Something is wrong. What is it? Nobody I know is online, that is what’s wrong.

I decided to reinstall City of Heroes. There it is, the icon is on my desktop. Mocking me.

I played a little more Guild Wars. It’s pretty. I’ve seen enough pretty this weekend.

Logged into EQ2 Try To While Away Time On The Isle Trial. Made a mage, was going well. Some guy runs up and tells me I’m making a huge mistake making a mage, they suck really bad. I should start over with a scout.

I’ve got no interest all of a sudden. Nothing new, this happens. I forget what I do to get over it. I think it is to take a break. Not sure. Well, I think I’ll log into WoW and see if anyone is on.

Or maybe I’ll activate CoH. Or maybe I should just take a shower and go to bed.

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