It’s A Trap!

[World of Warcraft] I spent some time today getting my Rogue to level 24. Two levels in the last two days played, not bad for me. I only got two new skills so that was somewhat lame; an improved skill of one I already had and a new skill to detect traps.

My brother and I went through Shadowfang Keep and the Meteor Shard dagger (that Inhibit and I had tried so hard to get a few weeks ago and failed many times) dropped on the first try. Sweet dagger too. The most enjoyable part of going through Shadowfang Keep this time is that we stealthed through all the way to the end. Was a challenge for me at level 24 to not be detected, but I did it. Great fun.

I also spent some time travelling on foot, running from Sun Rock Retreat through Ashenvale and down to Crossroads. Then back to Ashenvale, over to Sludge Fen, back to Ashenvale and finally over to Orgrimmar. That was a lot of running around, but I was able to clean up several quests that had been gathering dust.

At one point, I was running along a mountain ridge between Ashenvale and Sludge Fen and all of a sudden it got very dark. I walked over to the edge and looked down on Demon Falls Ridge or something like that. Looked really creepy. I wondered what that area was all about, but I was not ready to jump in there unprepared.

I also recently found the schematic to make mechanical squirrel pets. I was hoping I could make some decent money selling them but so far it seems a poor seller. Too bad, I think they are kind of cool.

All and all it was a very fine WoW weekend. Indeed.

Up next: Ravenholdt Manor – Rogue Quest

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2 thoughts on “It’s A Trap!”

  1. Ravenholdt is bugged the last time I looked. You can do the first two “pre-missions” that lead up to getting the quest from the big guy in Ravenholdt Manner, but the he refuses to speak (and thus assign the quest) regardless of doing them.

    Still, doing the two that you can do was interesting.

  2. Gah. Well, perhaps the quest is fixed in the *ahem* upcoming … um … content patch thingy, which is going to go live … well … soon … maybe.

    Edit: Nevermind. (When will the Ravenholdt quest be fixed/finished? 3/4/2005 by Caydiem “While it won’t be in the next content patch, this is indeed something the quest team has been working on and you should see a great deal of content coming for that most secret organization of rogues, villains, and thieves.”)

    Considering content patches are on what seems like a 6 month cycle, it could be a LONG time before they fix it.

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