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[City of Heroes] I swear I get disconnected from the mapserver at least once every gaming session. Often it is 30 seconds after I log in, more often it is when I zone into (or out of) a new area or mission. I don’t have any disconnect problems with any other MMORPG. Anyone have any ideas? I have tried everything I could find in the CoH forums and nothing helped.

It’s enough to make me say goodbye to CoH again. If there is anything I hate in MMORPGs, it is server problems. Even if it is something on my end of the connection. If I can’t fix it, I can’t play. If I can’t play, I won’t pay. Simple as that.

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5 thoughts on “Mapserver Disconnected”

  1. A couple things you can try:

    1) Do a trace route to “” and if anything jumps out at you.

    2) City of Heroes requires the following ports to be open TCP: 6994, 2104, 2106 and UDP: 7000-7100. So make sure those are not blocked.

    3) If on a cable modem, you might try shutting off the modem and the router, waiting maybe 30 seconds the turning the modem on, letting it synch back up, then turning on the router. Then after that, flushing your DNS.

    Beyond that, all I can suggest would be to call tech support. More than likely they will ask you to do those three things first, so I would before calling.

    I have to give credit… While their in-game support blows chunks, the telephone support guys seem pretty helpful.

  2. 1. Request timed out after 12 hops at

    2. Those ports are open.

    3. Have done that more than once.

    I have a 2nd computer, I’ll have to try playing on that one this weekend to see if I have the same problem occur.

  3. I had the same problem on Virtue when I started playing. Oddly enough, it went away when I added more RAM to my system. It’s still weak and feeble at 512 megs, but now it’s weak, feeble, and playable without mapserver disconnects.

  4. I have 1 GB of RAM so I don’t think that will help, but thanks for the suggestion!

  5. Just caught this on a google search for mapserver disconnects. Just letting you know I’m in the exact same boat as you.

    CoHs tech support forum is a joke. Hoping to stumble across a solution to this NETWORKING issue that isn’t answered by a “Hey your harddrive is full” or “Post your dxdiag results”.

    Be strong, bro! I’ll give it to the end of the free trial month to fix, and then pffft, out it goes!

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