Escape Plans

[World of Warcraft] Playing a rogue you would think I would be used to using the various tools of escape available to me. I think all my years of playing a tank has left me with a “fight to the death” mentality. I’m not used to running away.

Last night I was doing a quest that involved killing two farmers near Tarren Mill. I found and eliminated one of them right away, but the other farmer was in the middle of an orchard and surrounded by three or more farmhands.

I tried to pull him and kill him before I died to the swarm of farmers. I almost had him and then he ran off. I took chase and got killed by the group. On my second try, I remembered this new “vanish” skill I had. It allowed me to enter stealth mode during a battle.

Pulled again, three more followed and started pounding on me so I vanished and they all turned and went back to farming. Sweet. I tried another spot to pull, same situation. Vanish, how I love thee.

I found an angle that I thought would only bring the farmer and perhaps one other. I shot an arrow and luck was on my side as only Farmer Getz came after me. Slice, dice, goodbye Getz. Quest completed.

Headed back to Tarren Mill and noted that, yes, the Alliance level 60 goon squad was attacking the level 50 guards again. I really have to wonder at the motivations for them. That looks boring to me, but whatever floats their boat I guess.

I still have about 10 badges to pickpocket from the Durnholde dudes so I’ll head back there next time. Should have no problem hitting level 26 on my next session.

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4 thoughts on “Escape Plans”

  1. I’d say the level 60s are hitting TM because WoW is boring at level 60. Hopefully battlefields provides something to do, untill then, my account can stay cancelled.

  2. Could be. All the more reason that I have been happy to play this game at a slow pace. I was in beta, I knew there was a lot of content for me and no rush to get to 60. Being at the level cap sucks usually.

  3. something to note is that usualy (as in at least twice a day) either a horde or aliance will attack someone of the other faction in that area and then you’re in for a full night’s worth of epic fighting up and down the zone. Just sorta “happpens” because of that area being the closest flight path to both Scarlet Monastery and the western plague lands.

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