[World of Warcraft] I’ve decided it is time to leave my current guild. They are an end-game hard core raiding guild and that is about it. Sure they are knocking out all the high level bosses in short order, but there is nothing for anyone under 60 to do.

They have no social events, no “help the lowbie” nights, no silly contests for fun, or anything else keeping me interested (role playing).

I will start trying to find a guild on my server that is more like what I am looking for, or else I’m going to move to the server where my old Asheron’s Call 2 guild went to. They do all the things I miss from those days. Why didn’t I follow them in the first place? Well, they went Alliance (just like during beta) and I wanted to try Horde instead. My brother was playing Horde and I knew I could mooch gold off of him so there I went.

I really want to stay on the same server because of the people I already do know so I’m going to try hard to find a guild there. Perhaps I need to start my own…

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4 thoughts on “/gquit”

  1. Yeah, what server you on?
    I am on Windrunner, and I play 75% Alliance and 25% horde.

  2. Proudmoore here and I have 3 Alliance Characters and am in the process of starting a guild.

  3. I’m not sure I want to mention the server in case I said anything negative about my guild. I’ll have to look back through some of my posts before I’d be willing to say anything. No matter what though, they are a great guild, just not the type of guild for me I guess.

    I’m not on any of those servers, I can say that at least.

    Update: I officially left the guild. I think my brother understands why I left…

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