PvP Frustrations

[World of Warcraft] Logged in the other day to find my brother defending Tarren Mill against those smelly alliance dogs. I really wanted to help out so I ran over there with my level 28 shaman.

When I arrived I found my brother at a sliver of health so I tossed my largest uber heal on him. His health bar barely even moved. WTF. He died. I decided I would rez him. He said no thanks and came running back shortly from the graveyard. Fine.

Now that I was PvP flagged, I figured I’d go lay some smack down. I found a level 60 (they are all level 60 these days) mage on the loose. Tossed a frost shock on him. RESIST. Try again. RESIST. And the RESISTS continued.

Back to Tarren Mill to wait out my PvP flag cause I am of no help. One second later (in the heart of town) I am dead. 1280 damage or something like that in one shot. Some mage hit me with Arcane Blast of some sort. FFS. So now I find a safe place to wait out the PvP flag.

With no flag, I head back out in Ghost Wolf form. I spent the rest of the night scouting for our side without having a PvP flag on. It was kind of fun, I guess. I was a hunting dog, “Over here master!” Well, maybe it wasn’t that much fun after all.

I’m losing hope of having anything meaningful to contribute in PvP or in the battlegrounds before I reach level 60 – which is quite unlikely to ever happen at this point.

One unrelated side comment: There are some turtles in the river near Tarren Mill. I can kill the level 30 turtles pretty easily, but the level 31 turtles are a *lot* harder, like 50% chance to die for me. What’s up with that? I’m suprised to see one level have so much effect.

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  1. I’ve participated once or twice, and sometimes there will be a level 40 or 30 involved that you can fight with. But that doesn’t matter because the level 60 will just kill you before you have a chance to take on the guy that is close to your level. That’s why I don’t enjoy PVP servers. I tried it, got a tauren druid up to level 22, then when I got to a contested zone I started getting ganked, corpse camped, etc. I had no possible way of living for more than 30 seconds at a time, and it was impossible to level or even play the game. That just isn’t fun for me at all. So, back to my lovely PVE server where you can still do all of that stuff, but you have the choice to participate, or to mind your own business and complete your quests.

  2. LOL, Tarrin Mill and South Shore are hot spots for raids.
    As a lvl 30’s Dwarf Hunter for the alliance, I have tried to defend South Shore, and to assist the alliance vs the horde at Tarren Mill. It was damn useless of course for me. A ?? rogue would stealth up behind me and stab me in the back and kill me. Some shaman or some class would hit me with one or two bolts from a distance and I’m dead in 2 seconds. One night I died about 20 times in an hour and a half. I tried to target the rare equal opponents but as soon as my gun fired, I would die.

    Yes it is frustrating as we are lower levels. But, that is part of being weaker, less experienced and working our way up. That is one reward of being the top levels–having the power to immediately destroy those who are weaker and less experienced. They earned it through all they went through to reach those levels. They suffered the same deaths in the past as we do now.
    It might be nice if we all fought honorably and not attack those who are more than 8 levels beneath us, but it is war. War in the world of Warcraft, yes, but still war. There is not much honor in war when life and death are on the line.
    I do not intend to pick on those more than 10 levels beneath me in raid circumstances, unless the odds are overwhelming and we are going to be whiped. That is when I will take whoever I can to hell along with me =)

    I’d also like to point out that I play both sides. I have a Tauren Druid as well. I hear the same words come out of both sides mouths–that the other side are scum who pick on the little, who raid the lowly, etc. It’s not whether we are horde or alliance, lol, it’s because we are human.

  3. I never try to help against higher levels unless there’s a friendly high level with me. Just be glad that you don’t have to experience Tarren Mill on a PvP server. It’s extremely hard to do anything when big raids are going on.

    I agree though, the destinction between levels is drastic. It’s extremely hard to land a spell on a high level. Melee, on the other hand, is bit different. I can do semi-decent melee damage to someone level 40-50 (probably not good compared to their HP pool, but it’s still better than spell damage). Also, you can still help if you keep spamming FS against a high level and hopefully get it to land once (and I’m hoping the diminishing return won’t come into effect if you get resisted). And yeah, your heals might not seem to help much, but any help helps.

    A day or two ago, some high level hunter in thousand needles kept trying to kill me and this warlock that were grouping. I swear the hunter was in the ?? level range yet I was easily killing him and he hardly resisted my spells (level 30-31 shaman at the time). Perhaps I was mistaken, but he was hitting me for 200 or so a shot, so I would guess he was at leas slightly higher level than me.

  4. I didn’t really get to finish my post, so here’s the rest of it.

    Note that the hunter wasn’t using his pet and he wouldn’t full heal (or we wouldn’t let him full heal) after he would ressurect, so it made it that much easier (though he did use a potion a couple of times).

    PvP isn’t really developed well in WoW currently, IMO, and is mainly focused towards the later levels for what PvP exists (I mean, you probably can’t do much successful town raiding until the latter 40’s). PvP is more balanced when you have people withing 5-10 levels of each other fighting. I think low levels will be able to contribute to battlegrounds. After all, other low levels on the opposing faction will be fighting as well, so the low levels will be there to take care of any low level opposition allowing the high levels to keep the opposing high levels busy and, hopefully, dead. Also, low levels who group together to help take down a high level help. Don’t underestimate low level power, they just require more protecting and simply more of to be useful.

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