Role Players

[World of Warcraft] Since nobody was on that I care to talk to on my normal server, I decided to try out a certain Role Play server.

I rolled up a gnome rogue on this server a while back so I logged him in and proceeded to enjoy the silliness. And damn, those role players go all out. They were walking around (not running) and drinking and talking and fighting and dueling and complaining and getting all emotional. Very interesting.

I think if I found a guild more interested in role play than getting the next level, I might be pretty damned happy with that. I’ll have to do a little searching to see if there is anything like that.

Oh, and I got my little gnome rogue up to 12 tonight, hehe.

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3 thoughts on “Role Players”

  1. Likely, but I’ve never seen so many people so involved in any game before including other RP servers.

    The whole town was RPing, no matter the level or the guild. Was really fun to be a part of it all.

  2. Role playing server? How is it different, since it seems you can quest and level up as well?
    I don’t know that I would be interested in that much social activity, unless I could have me way with a sexy elvish girl.

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