Wish I Was There

My guild took on Ragnaros the other day and all I got was a video capture of the event. Damn I wish I could go on some of those raids, it looks fun. Ragnaros is the most impressive monster I have ever seen in any game. Fire and smoke swirling around him like a molten lava tornado, explosions of flame and fire, players being tossed around like paper dolls. Very cool.

Oh, they all died as Ragnaros won that round. They did, however, manage to kill Onyxia again so I was able to get the uber 2 hour buff once more.

I’ve started playing my warlock more now as my level 28’s sit on the back burner. The warlock is level 14. Yeah, it’s no wonder I’m not going on end-game raids yet. My experiment into the Alliance has been put on hold. I just can’t get into playing a female character.

The one class I want to play all the way to 60 is a priest but I’m not sure I could do it with my schedule. I may have to try it. Anyone out there play one to high levels? How are they solo? I like the idea that they are wanted in groups.

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5 thoughts on “Wish I Was There”

  1. You know me…only level 30 here…but from what I’ve heard, Priests are excellent soloers it’s just that later on, to be wanted in groups, Priests have to respec their talents, which I believe cuts into their “solobility” or at least their solo “pvpbility.” Note, I assume that if they’re good at PvP then their good at soloing.

    Just what I hear…talk to a real level 60 Priest if you want to clarify. XD

  2. I wouldn’t mind that. Solo up to the high levels, respec to be more group friendly at the end. I don’t care about PvP (at this time).

  3. I play a level 59 Hunter and I have played with lots of 60 Priests. The general concensus seems to be that the lower levels are the hardest and the higher levels get easier. They are wanted in groups becuase there is a distinct lack of healers. My theory is that this is because of the difficulty of the early levels. People get frustrated and go play a rogue or pally.

  4. In guild chat, I usually hear that to play a priest to 60, you should spec as a shadow priest. Once at 60, you respec as a holy priest. Basically, you are a damage dealer with some healing until you get to 60, then become a healer with a little damage dealing.

    Myself, I just play however I want. I play a level 59 Survival specced Hunter. Not many of those running around as pretty much everyone plays Marksman spec. Playing on a pvp server shows me the value of having melee skills as I have the hardest time getting range in pvp.

  5. I’ve read what Bloodgood says as well. Start as shadow, then respec later.
    I’m always surprised to see how quickly a priest solo’s a mob. Much quicker than me- hunter- and my pet. Makes me jealous, because hunters are the least desirable in groups later on. Oh well, I’ll always have my loyal cat by my side. And I hear that priests are still the best healers even while spec’d for holy ass whoopin. Priest is definitely on top of my list for my next alliance. Shaman for ho.

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