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[World of Warcraft] I figured out why I am so down on WoW right now. This honor system has royally screwed up the game for me.

I am a PvE player. I signed up for a PvE server, not a PvP server for a reason. I did not want PvP to impact my PvE. Well, the honor system has screwed it up. I cannot turn in quests because my quest NPC has been killed. I cannot get a flight out of an area because the flight NPC has been killed. I cannot play in many areas because the lag is brutal sometimes. PvP players should not be able to impact a PvE player in any way.

And if I wanted to participate or drive off the people messing up my PvE I can’t because my level makes me worthless. Until they do something about this, my account is cancelled again.

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  1. I have to agree, at least as to the existance of the honor system and its escalation of raids and NPC killing. I have seen the Ho overrun and whipe out every NPC in Southshore, and yesterday I saw almost all the NPC’s at Crossroads get whiped out. For a PvE player, that can be a serious bummer when tryng to accomplish quests, or even to travel.

    I see and appreciate how raids bring some added reality of the “conflict and war” to the game. As a lvl 44, I finally participated in a raid and found that I was a good contribution. That was alot of fun, for awhile, until the second time Crossroads was overrun and the NPCs killed.
    I switched to my Tauren Druid and tried to help, but was useless as a lvl 19. My 200 point heals barely budged most bars, and my roots and moonfires were evaded.

  2. For those of us that play on a PvP server, it is even more nightmarish. Luckily, I made it to level 60, so I don’t have to quest or grind for xp anymore. My girlfriend is not so lucky.

    In the mid-40’s, any place she can go for XP or quests that is not an instance is in Contested Territory. Instead of being able to finish quests or grind mobs, she gets ganked repeatedly by level 60’s (who don’t get honor *boggle*) or ends up having to fight every random person that wanders into the area she is questing in. I think it will take her at least twice as long as it took me to get to 60.

    There is much hope that when Battlegrounds are patched in, the ganking and griefing will lessen to the point of being able to play the game again.

  3. I play on PvP and I have feelings for both sides. A perfect example was the other day when I was in Hammerfall. There was some lame, presumably level 60 or at least a high level, rogue helping a level 34 and 40 kill Horde (my faction of choice) and they were doing it right next to Hammerfall itself and getting someone to kill them wouldn’t make them stop, so I couldn’t complete the quests very fast. Not to mention in my travel on foot (this was my first time going there because I needed some first aid recipes) I got killed twice by several alliance.

    In response to the annoying Alliance behavior us Horde got a group of 15 going and we went on an Alliance killing spree and cornerned them into their little town. That was incredibly fun even though we didn’t have the numbers or power to go on a full raid of the town we still kept the Alliance back and I saw some people talking about how they could do quests now.

    So in one facet PvP in general pisses me off…in another, it’s incredibly fun.

    Blizzard has said, like posted above, that Battlegrounds will fix the system or at least reduce the amount of stupid honor camping/hunting, which I think might be true if in fact the Battleground honor points are easier to get, which seems like it’ll be true. I believe they have also made comments on making certain town NPCs stronger, hopefully in the lower level towns.

    BTW, in that 15 man Horde raid I participated in, we fought a few town gaurds. I found that fighting them as a level 38 I could hardly deal damage and my spells were resisted 100% of the time while some of the higher level Alliance members I could easily deal a semi-decent amount of damage and my spells would be resisted about 30% of the time. I wonder what exactly the formulaic difference is.

  4. Does no one read the manual anymore? In PvP you are brought to an even level, so while the other player may have more abilities, better gear and more hp, you have a normal PvP chance to hit them. The guards are NPCs however so thats why you couldn’t hurt them.

  5. That’s wrong, winter. You are not brought to the same level. Go ahead and fight a level 60 at level 10 and you will find out very quickly that you are not even close. Not only will he do way more damage to you than you will do to him, many of your spells will be resisted, ranged attacks will be deflected, and special abilities, like feign death will be resisted.

    Also, it seems like players 10 levels or more above an opponent tend to crit a lot more. Like 50% or more of their hits are crits.

    As far as reading the manual, I did that. It says that Hunter stings don’t stack. Yet, in-game Serpent stings will stack. Go figger.

  6. I’m with Tom, your level does not get changed in any way for PvP.

    And the manual isn’t usually worth the paper it is printed on because things change so much.

  7. Also, according to the manual, you lose XP when you die and Taurens get plainswalking instead of a mount.

    Go hug your bible. =P

    Although I think what winter was trying to say was that only your ability to hit the opponent it brought down to equal level…but I’m not sure if that’s true or not considering I have a hard time hitting some high levels with spells and the resist rate on this certain Alliance was higher than someone of my level, so it’s definitely not equal but obviously lower than the NPCs we fought, which were only 5-7 levels above me.

  8. I have had 2 level 60 horde characters on different servers and here is what I’ve noticed: PC’s are definitely easier to hit/land spells on than NPCS. I duelled a guildmate with my warrior, he was a level 14ish mage, my warrior was around 55 or more. He could land sheep on me EVERY time. Granted I could have killed him very quickly but we were just dorking around and I couldn’t believe he could land that spell on me. Now as my druid I’ve been resisted a lot by players BELOW my level. There is something to the “being put on the same level” because groups of lower level people CAN kill a higher level person no problem if they’re all alone. I think it is just your stats that effect the combat overall, you hit a lower level harder because they have a low armor rating, yet you can be resisted by a lower level if they have good resists.

    I also think different spells and spell circles are more or less resistable. There are some spells that are almost NEVER resisted, others are resisted quite often. I don’t know for sure how the system works but it is obvious that NPC/PC fighting is hugely different. Personally I love the honor system, broke as it is. Granted my characters are 60, but I joined a pvp server because I wanted to pvp. What really gets my goat is all the people on the pvp server who AVOID PVP AT ALL COSTS!!! So many of them, and if they do pvp… they get killed 1 or 2 times and they’re ready to hang it up. I get killed a LOT in pvp, but I enjoy my losses as much as my wins. Sometimes I get irritated, but that’s only if I get ganked multiple times as soon as I rez (happened a few times). Still I take a deep breath, have a another beer, then think “ok, payback time chumps!”. Soon I’m cackling like a madman again and having fun.

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