Dreck: Hero of the City


Dreck, leader of the Freakshow, has been given an award by the Paragon City Council for his work in training the city’s heroes. Speaking from City Hall, the City Representative said that heroes owed Dreck a great debt of gratitude.

“When Dreck first set out to conquer the Council-ravaged world on the other side of the portal, we thought it was horrible that our dimension’s problems had spilled into the lives of those poor souls. Little did we realize that Dreck was not just terrorizing a planet, he was setting up Paragon City’s greatest training grounds. At any given moment, hundreds of heroes are in that dimension, honing their skills on the seemingly endless supply of Freakshow warriors that Dreck brings with him. It has become a rite of passage for every new Hero of the City to spend at least ten hours, and sometimes an entire career, crushing these Freakshow.

“The greatest virtue of Dreck’s cross-dimensional training camp is the ease and efficiency with which heroes can be trained. Not only does Dreck replenish his ranks in an eyeblink on the other side of the portal, but most heroes get their training while napping just on the other side of the portal. Dozens of Fiery Aura Tanker trainers work with Dreck’s minons to train groups of up to eight heroes who need not even be paying the slightest attention. This unique method of developing power and experience while on the mystic plane of ‘AFK’ has given Paragon City many of its mightiest heroes. While many of these heroes have moved to spend their time in the new arenas, rather than patrolling our streets, I feel assured that they will respond to the city’s call in its time of need.”

Not everyone is so enthusiastic about this award. Azuria, a long-time resident of City Hall who gets several visitors every task force and story arc, voiced her concerns. “What about those poor people in the Council-ravaged world who need to be rescued? Granted there are only four of them, but they need our help! Oh, and the Jewel of Hera has been stolen from MAGI’s vaults again, if anyone has seen that around.”

Heroes in Peregrine Island seemed to be of mixed feeling. A few still hold Shadowhunter in great esteem for his similar efforts training heroes with wolves, but Shadowhunter’s busy schedule keeps him from spending more than an hour with most heroes these days. “Sure, the wolves are nice,” a local Regen Scrapper commented on condition of anonymity, “but he gave them all rocks a while back. I hate those rocks. Man, back in the day, Shadowhunter was where it was at. Now I don’t even remember Maria Jenkins’ number.” Other heroes commented, “farming team needs bridge level 42-46 pst” or a cryptic “kan ne1 pl me plz!!!”

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Dreck: Hero of the City”

  1. Have the changes to burns fear generation rate cut down on the PL at all? Haven’t been reading the boards much.

  2. I am not sure how it affects Fiery Aura Tankers in the mid-levels, but the high-level ones I have been teaming with are not having problems. Maybe they adjusted quickly. The enemies on the fringes rubber-band a bit, but they can be kept in with Taunt, Burning Aura, and punch-voke. A SG Dark Miasma Defender was fighting from 49 to 50, and he was rather good at getting them to stay in place if they tried to leave. I was the healer/buffer/nuker on that one (Empathy/Electricity Blast Defender). The tank still did more damage than my nuke. :p

    I can test soon how it affects Fire Tanks at lower levels, since I have one at level 17. I am told that punch-voke does not overcome the fear of Burn until higher levels, but I have been playing either very high or very low levels since Issue 4 went live.

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