Pedro the Tank Smasher

[City of Heroes] Because the world needs irony points after that earlier post, I was out farming Dreck’s mission a bit.

We met Pedro the Tank Smasher. Pedro has been going on a series of magical adventures, and his story will be told in the upcoming picture book, “Pedro the Tank Smasher in the Land of Make Believe.” Cryptic is publishing it as a companion book to “Web of Arachnos” this fall, for a younger audience.

The other Tank Smashers and Slashers are never nice to Pedro. He just wants to be liked and accepted, but they always make fun of his off-brand cybernetics. They can’t see through the metal to the sensitive core within. After one particularly sad day when even the Warriors in Talos Island laughed at him, Pedro goes on a journey of exploration through his imagination. In the end, he learns to accept himself, and in doing so comes to be accepted by others. Later that day, a hero beats him into unconsciouness for 108 experience points.

It was a touching story. Our blaster is considering learning Spanish so that he can translate it for the international audience. I think it is a pretty universal message. No word yet on the film rights.

: Zubon