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[Guild Wars] Judging by the large amount of questions bandied about in the main cities in GW, I assume a lot of people prefer to be led through the game by hand. I guess nobody wants to figure anything out on their own, so I’m here to save the day.

First we will start with the most important questions I keep seeing:

How do I dye my armor? As it says when you move the mouse pointer over the dye, double-click it and then click the item you want to dye.

What is this “salvage kit” for and how does it work? Again, the mouseover trick should do wonders for you here, but in case you still aren’t sure, you double-click on the kit and then click on an item in your pack. If it is salvageable, it will break down into components like “wood” or “bone” or “shell” or “leather”. These can be taken to a crafter that will make things for you.

How do I identify this sword? See the vendor where you bought the salvage kit and buy an identification kit. It works the same way, double-click on it and then click on the item you want identified.

How do I dance? Type in /dance and the coolness begins immediately.

How do I get those cool sparkly effects shooting from my hands when I dance? Buy the Collector’s Edition.

How do I play “rock, paper, scissors”? Type in /rock or /paper or /scissors and let the fun begin.

How do I roll a 20 sided die? Type in /roll 20 (you can use other numbers for extra zany nerd simulations).

Where are the collectors? See those people standing around all over the game with (collector) in their name? Try asking them.

Do you want to join my guild? We have a cool cloak! No.

Why does this little girl want to follow me around all the time? Oh Gwen? Just ignore her and you’ll be better off.

How to I get more pack space? See the collector right outside Ascalon City? Just to the left? Ask that guy.

Now onto more important stuff:

What do you mean this is the newbie area? Well you see, in the beginning of the game you are in “pre-searing”. This is the newbie training area. You can learn about classes and skills and grouping and questing and things like that here. This is where you choose your 2nd class as well. You can stay here as long as you want, but the real game starts in “post-searing”.

How do I get to “post-searing”? After you get a few levels under your belt and you have chosen a second class, go talk to Sir Tydus in Ascalon City and go to the Academy.

What is the Academy? This is where you get your first taste of PvP. You will be put in a random group of 4 people (or maybe some henchmen if there is not enough people joining the Academy at that time) and will be forced to battle in an arena. The winning team moves on, the losing team stays to fight again. It’s not hard, so have fun. (I’ve been corrected here, I guess the result does not matter and everyone moves on. In that case it does not seem as exciting and I am disappointed.)

What is the “searing”? Well if the name is not enough for you, just wait and see. Needless to say, things won’t ever be quite the same again.

OK, final tip for now: The “Adventure with an Ally” quest asks you to go find someone else and join in a group. Then you should return to get the resurrection signet. Now, lots of people stand around asking for someone to join them, but it seems they don’t understand the grouping part. As soon as someone says they will join you, don’t just run off. You must actually invite or be invited to a group and the invitee must accept. Then and only then should you go off to get the signet. I am amazed at how many people have done this to me.

– Ethic

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  1. I guess since I have won everytime in the Academy I assumed it mattered. Too bad. Thanks for the insight.

    I still say it is better to ignore Gwen. She is more trouble than she is worth, specially when she blocks you into a small area.

  2. > specially when she blocks you into a small area.

    Ugh. Yeah. I’m doing Warrior/Ranger and the same thing happens with the pet, ALL THE TIME. In combat, no less, I’m standin’ there trippin’ over my cat. Grr.

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