It’s a curse…

[Guild Wars] I swear I have this curse regarding video games. Whenever I start to really like a game, something happens to smack me back down where I belong. Tonight was one of those times.

Feeling pretty good about GW, right? Yeah I was. Until I got these two quests. One was to go find some census papers from the wilderness and the other to escort some recruits to a guard station.

For the census quest, I picked a few henchmen and off we went. We got out to the chest the paper was supposed to be in and an ambush closed in on us. We got wiped because of some stupid gameplay by the henchmen (I swear I did nothing wrong, lol). My screen tells me it will be 10 seconds until resurrection.

We resurrect, but the healer henchman is missing. I can see her name in my group panel, but she is nowhere to be seen. We head back towards the chest and I can see that she is taking damage so she must be somewhere. Eventually we show up in the same area and I can see her dot on the radar but she was not there. After watching the pathing of some ranged attacks on her, I realized that she is under the terrain. Nice.

I opened the chest and nothing is in it. No census. Fun. Map travel to town and come back out again and this time it is in the chest. Quest completed. This brings to light an issue with the instancing. I hate that I have to clear out the same areas over and over everytime I leave and then re-enter the instance. Can’t they make it save for a few minutes or something? Would be nice.

Next quest, escort the three recruits to the guard station. I find them easy enough and off we go. A few times I have to go back as the recruits must have failed orienteering. Finally I get to the guard station and he yells at me because he was expecting three recruits and I only have two. Um, what the heck happened to the third guy?

I ran all the way back, retracing our steps and eventually find him standing in the same spot as where we found them. Nice job, soldier! Back we go again making sure he was following this time.

You know the saying that an army can only move as fast as it’s slowest soldier? This guy is living proof. I had to stop over and over again, waiting for Private Lazybones to get it in gear. Eventually, quest completed.

One last thing, I joined a guild tonight. Nobody I know, but they have a nice guild name and there is not one stupid character name in the guild so far. I have a cloak and a guild hall too, kind of cool. They seem like nice people. I guess I’ll find out how this is all going to work.

– Ethic

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4 thoughts on “It’s a curse…”

  1. I’ve not had that trouble with GW and I’ve been playing for a while (lvl16). The instancing doesn’t bother me as much as pk’ing does, so I can live with that.

    The one thing that bugs me is the paths. It feels like you’re on guard rails and is so frustrating when there is a ledge that you can easily step onto, but have to walk a mile around to find the ramp to get up. Drives me nuts.

  2. I kind of cheated on a lot of quests by using the sprint skill of my Warrior/Monk. If you just try to run through a mob, it’ll chase you for 20 minutes. But if you sprint through, most mobs give up. So I finished the census papers quest in 2 minutes. Most of the quests are good about handling multiple party members, for some of them ArenaNet seemed to have forgotten there would be six people in a party. For example one of the quests wants you to kill a centaur boss and then return with a dropped quest item. But since he only drops one of the item, you have to zone out and zone back in and kill him 5 more times until everyone can complete the quest.

  3. I’ve toyed around w/ guild wars in beta, and recently bought the retail package and played through to lvl 7ish or so.

    The pathing is the biggest disappointment for me. After playing excessive WoW, where freedom of movement is key (jump off any cliff, walk without the ‘rail’ feeling), guild wars really let me down.

    In terms of mechanics, I somehow jumped the story arc forward to the burned-down ascahalon at lvl 3. Umm…ok, so the game just allowed me to take my level 3 character into a level 6-7(minimum) zone. That shouldn’t happen. Doing some questing, I’m a monk/necro, and i always hire a warrior to come with me. I’ve been in 3 seperate boss encounters (boss is usually a level above me) that have lasted 30+ minutes. The henchman and I don’t do enough damage to the boss to offset it’s heals, and vice versa. So i eventually have to just run away and let the henchman die, try and drag the boss to more friendly npcs, or just totally close the game and relog. Again, poor mechanics.

  4. Heh. Bart, that’s poor skill-choosing on your part. You want some sort of interrupt skill (to disable his heal), or you want to bring enough henchmen to completely overwhelm the guy.

    One or the other.

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