New Content For Free?

[Guild Wars] I just read that ArenaNet is going to be giving players two new explorable areas for free. Yeah that’s right, a game with no monthly fee is adding content to the game for free. Why aren’t you playing this yet?

As part of our commitment to bringing you new content via our free live updates, the first streaming update for Guild Wars offers players access to two extensive new explorable areas: the barren expanse of Grenth’s Footprint and the fiery depths of Sorrow’s Furnace.

I’ve been trying to think of things that GW doesn’t offer that other MMOs do. I am having a hard time thinking of one single thing I personally miss. Anything that is missing is usually something that sucked in the first place. Perhaps more time will cloud my dreamy view of the game.

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14 thoughts on “New Content For Free?”

  1. It’s the constant instancing that turns most people off from the game. That and the population that just dont want to pvp. For me it was the instance thing. I like “interacting” with people outside of towns.

  2. I can see that, but for me the instancing just means I take only the people I want with me. I fit the definition of a non-PvP person so I am not sure where that will leave me in GW. So far, the PvP I have tried has been quite fun.

  3. This is definitly not a MMOG designed for PvE’ers/RP’s etc, but it doesn;t try to hide that. Besides i have WoW for that.

    But back on this topic, i wouldn;t be too fast to praise GW for this move, its all just part of their E3 campaign.

    Besides, my understanding of this is thats its just a preview, a sneak peak if you like.

  4. Well that’s pretty exciting. I wonder how long I would be in Guild Wars, however, given that I have never been much of a PvP person. I like the economic PvP model in ShadowBane, however that happened to work out, but PvP combat has never really excited me. Own or be owned, and rather quickly at that.

  5. Zubon that is my concern as well, but so far the PvE has been more than worth the cost of the box for me. If the game dies out in another month, I got my money’s worth. I can always log in 6 months later, because there is no monthly fee and thus no account to cancel. Hard to go wrong here.

  6. True dat.
    (Wow, very informative comment. Find something else to add.)
    Sadly, I think my Diablo II characters dissolved sometime before they put in that latest patch, some long while ago. I say sadly, but I probably would not be too excited about dusting off my old assassin. Ah well.

    But yeah, the guys on TeamSpeak have been loving Guild Wars. They got another supergroup member today, and I expect more will fall by the weekend.

  7. I bought GW for PvP, not PvE…that’s why I haven’t played it past the first week I bought it, they make you PvE. And no, I don’t want some gimp/pre-built “pvp character.”

  8. It is true, you are better off going through the PvE stuff to unlock the better skills for PvP, but it doesn’t take long. I could get halfway to the level cap in one weekend and that says a lot for me. However, I’m taking my time doing all the quests, because I enjoy them.

    It is the biggest complain of the pure PvPer though, they don’t want to do PvE so why should they be forced to? It’s a good question.

  9. I like the random interaction of real players in the WoW-like world. I can choose to or not to interact at any moment, anywhere. Help or not, say hi or not. Cast a buff, whistle at the pretty elf girls.

    When is GW going to add other races? All the humans look alike physically, and the males are kinda feminine.

  10. Anyone else besides me notice the face types for the Necromancers look Korean? like 90% of the faces for male and female ones. It’s weird but i like that they’ve actualy tried to add ethnicity to the face types for the characters.

  11. “I’ll be buying the expansions and enjoying the free content for a long, long time.”

    If in fact that it’s true that GW will be releasing several expansions a year at a full price of $50 and you are required to buy the expansion…I would hardly call it free content. I’d call it hidden monthly fees. Of course, I think some of what I said is just rumor.

  12. Pretty much all the free content is in the game right now, in my opinion. Sure, for good PR they may add some around E3 now and then, but for the most part future content will cost you. I don’t expect it will be $50, probably more like $25 but until they release it who knows.

    The big difference to me is, I can decide if I want to buy the content or not and still keep playing. A monthly fee is the same as forcing you to buy the content if you want to keep playing. Expansion packs make it a choice with the ability to continue playing no matter what. They will not require you to buy any expansions, but I’m sure they will make it very desirable. It wouldn’t make any sense otherwise.

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