A New Beginning

eve[EVE Online] I’m downloading the free 14-day trial offered at Penny Arcade as I write this. I’m going to give EVE a shot, but I’m going to need some in-game assistance. Someone to show me the ropes a little.

Anyone up to it, send me an email and tell me how to get ahold of you. Thanks in advance!

UPDATE: “Currently there are 10692 players on the server and of that 799 are trial accounts. The server is configured to accept a maximum of 800 trial accounts.” Bah. They did tell me that if I wanted to subscribe I could log in right away. Thanks for that I guess. I suppose my 14 days is going to countdown regardless of my ability to try the game or not.

UPDATE p2: I did manage to get in a good amount of time this weekend, I hope to have a “beginning” write up sometime this week.

– Ethic

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4 thoughts on “A New Beginning”

  1. I suggest you to read the online manual they have on the site because it’s wonderful and explains parts of the game they you wouldn’t even notice.

    They are also patching in June (but the end of the month) a new character creation and brand new tutorials in the patch following that one.

  2. From what little I have seen… the game just seems too… big? By that, I mean, spread out. That’s always been a problem with “space” games, the vast distances. You need them to make the game semi-real. But on the same coin, make them too big, and you can’t find anyone/anything else. Enlighten me on this one please.

    Also… I’ve still not got a bead on how this game goes. Is it sorta like AO, where there are plenty of people around, and you are pretty much working on your own (alone in a crowd, as it were)?

    Do you start out with a ship (small, and eventually build up)? Or are you ‘earthbound’ for a good while, doing menial ‘Fed-Ex’-type quests until you can afford a ship?

    If the gfx are what the trailors claim… I just may check this one out just for the sheer eyecandy factor.

    Shed some light?

  3. Well Inhibit, let me try to answer some of those questions. The game does seem big to me, but it has not bothered me in any way, in fact I like it. I had to travel somewhere that was 7 jumps away. I set my destination and hit the autopilot. It took maybe 5 minutes to get there. It didn’t seem very hard to meet up with someone.

    As far as the crowd, when I do some mining there are usually a few others mining as well. If you go into more dangerous space, you’ll want to have some protection while mining, so it is an opportunity to group up. If you join a corporation (guild), you have all sorts of opportunities. It seems to me like mostly an economics simulation in space. You can manufacture goods, doing the whole process from mining to design to production to distribution. You can also become a pirate and blow ships up for the cargo inside. Or you can hunt pirates down and make them pay for their past transgressions. At least, that is how it appears to me so far.

    You do start out with a ship, you will always be in a ship. It did not take me long to be able to afford a better ship, in fact my current ship (it was a gift, but I could have afforded it) is my third ship and I only started playing this weekend.

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