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ethic[EVE Online] After logging into EVE for the first time and creating my character, I was sent through a tutorial. There are no player avatars in the game, unless you consider a ship your player avatar, which I guess is actually the truth of it. Your person only exists as a character portrait. My character shown here, is named “Ethic KTR”.

This doesn’t bother me, as the ship is kind of like the ultimate loot. Well, except you don’t really loot it. Um, well you can sort of loot other ships.

When you start the game, you get a free ship and 1,000 ISK (the native form of currency). My ship was called an Ibis, but I renamed it to be called “The Alcyone”. That is something cool off the bat, you can name your ship. The second image is of my ship.

alcyoneThe tutorial was good, and it got me started. I really did need help and thanks to Zxyrox I was able to get most of my questions answered. I ran a few delivery missions and did some mining and managed to get my ISK up to around 65,000 at the moment. I’m on the verge of buying my first new ship.

Here is a typical mission for you: While docked in a station, an agent asked me to deliver some cargo to another station. I open up my cargo hold and also the station items window. I drag the cargo from the items window into my cargo hold. Then I click on undock.

I then find myself outside the station. I open up my map and do a search for the destination. When it finds it, I mark it as my destination point. I then click on autopilot and it takes me all the way to my end destination system (even through the jump gates) with no interaction needed. I could have done it by going from jump gate to jump gate on my own, but this is much easier. It did not take too long, but I will admit that at this point it is pretty much a waiting game. You do not need to interact with the game too much so far.

Autopilot takes me to the system I needed, but I still need to find the end station. There are icons on the screen and you can just hover over them, or there is a window that shows what is nearby. Finding the end station, I click on “warp to within 15 km” and away I go. When I get to the station, I request docking privileges by right clicking on the station and choosing dock.

Once docked, I can click on my agent and tell them the delivery is complete and I collect my fee. I could then return to my original station and get another assignment, or I can talk to a local agent (if available).

miningI also spent some time mining for “feldspar” which comes from an asteroid. I would find a nearby asteroid field and lock onto an asteroid with the mineral I am searching for, and then click on my mining laser. Then I wait until my cargo hold is full and warp back to the station for processing and sale. The third image is of me during a mining expedition.

So that sums up my first weekend in EVE. I find the game to be very peaceful. I also find it to be very complicated and I like that. It means I have a lot of things to learn. I also find the immersion level to be very high, because everything makes sense. Private chats, email, storage space, everything fits the setting. And the scenery, at least so far, is nothing short of breathless. And only one server, means I can play alongside, and chat with anyone that is playing.

– Ethic

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  1. The waiting is what killed this game for me. At first I thought it was really peaceful to watch my ship fly around, but eventually it just got boring. I hear that you get a lot more variety in what you can do later on, I just never had the patience to get there.

  2. I must agree with Eon Blue. At first the waiting does not seem to take that long. This is until you get missions which literally have you waiting 30 minutes while you are speeding across space.

    You actually end up doing so much watching, that you figure out what is taking up the most time, and it starts to annoy you.

    The first thing you will notice is the slow approach to the jump gate. You will soon become obsessed with buying an afterburner just to speed that up. It helps a little bit.

    The game is beautiful however. It is a lot easier to up the quality of the environment in a space based game because there are fewer polys on the screen. The effect is still just as brilliant.

    I really adored the UI in EVE. I loved the customizable nature of it, and the IM type windows you could use for chat. It was all great.

    For me, it just got boring after a while. The missions don’t have a lot of variety to them, and therefore get repetitious pretty quickly.

  3. I can see that being the case, but it seems to me that CCP intended this to be one of those open ended games and that “missions” are not really the main thing to do. I think that they leave you to do whatever you want. It is a case of player-made content being the bulk of what you do. Manufacturing, stealing, deliveries, protection, corporations, pvp, wars, etc.

    I’m not sure what the long-term holds for me, but short term it is very interesting to play around in. Learning how to play a game is possibly the most interesting phase of an MMO for me.

  4. Riddle me this, Batman: How the heck to I change the resolution? this 1024×786 is killing me. I want it closer to 2kx1.2k. Can it be changed?

  5. Alt+enter will quickly take you to full screen and it looks like hitting ESC will bring up the resolution options we are looking for. (Edited once I learned how to do things properly)

  6. If things are the same as when I left, resolution should be one of the options you can tweak on the panel you access through the ESC key.

  7. Hooray for redundancy! This is what I get for not reading all the way through the thread…

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