My weekend of Eve

[EVE Online] I can’t think of anything really breathtakingly interesting about what I did this weekend but on a side note, once I figure out how to configure screenshots with the paint tool (yeah I’m that out of it) I’ll post up some screenshots.

Well I helped out Ethic with some of the functions of EVE and I hope he continues to play as I find the game very interesting myself and I hope he does the same. As an update, I helped him out with mining and got him a new ship to use and I believe around the area of doubling his money tonight, and so far it’s all good.

I’ve lost 3 ships already to this darned war and I hope these idiots cut it out soon. I and everyone else don’t know what we did to them but I’m sure they are just corp killers. Well we have alot of people from other corps that delcared war on them in our honor, apparantly our CEO is a well liked guy.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great guy but some of the people he has helping us aren’t the least bit appreciative of the help some of the not-so-uber members have done. I myself was told I wasn’t going to be worth anything in a fight because my current combat ship is a cruiser. (I’m sorry I can’t afford a 120mill battleship guys) so mr. mercinary got the short end of the stick when I told him I’m no longer helping his efforts and he can consider himself – 1 pilot…of course one of the members of about the same experience of me in the corp decides to take mr. mercinary’s side and try to rationalize his harshness “he just doesnt want you to lose anymore ships”.

Well, you can imagine how many people took my side in corp-channel the operation wasnt even mr.mercinary’s business in the first place and my wingman wasnt too happy about him pissing me off, well more on that later.. I have to go mine :)


6 thoughts on “My weekend of Eve”

  1. sounds interesting… how much of a difference does ping make in EVE? I’d be playing from Australia ;-)

  2. nothing really…the servers are reletively lag free and the majority of people who play EVE are from australia :) so its all good

  3. Yeah, the game itself is very polished and very stable. It is by far one of the most ‘clean’ MMO gaming experiences out there.

  4. “I’ve lost 3 ships already to this darned war and I hope these idiots cut it out soon.”

    When you lose a ship, do you have to repair it or buy a whole brand new one?

  5. You can insure your ship and/or clone yourself. For a fee of course.

  6. Yeah i had 2 of them insured, but one of them was a mining barge that i never inteneded for fighting…..he caught me off guard

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