Perfect Fit Or New Shiny?

eve[EVE Online] I’m still quite suprised at how well EVE is working for me as a casual player. You start the game with a few skills, but you’ll need new skills soon enough. Normally you would get new skills by grinding on mobs or questing for XP until you levelled. But in EVE, you don’t get new skills by killing mobs or doing quests. You get new skills by purchasing them and then training them. I don’t even see how you could gimp yourself. Don’t like a skill? Don’t buy it. If you already have it, it’s not hurting you in any way.

Skills have various levels, 1 through #. To train each level takes time and the time varies based on different aspects like your attributes and other skills. Lets just say a typical skill takes 30 minutes to train to level 1, 4 hours for level 2, 1 day for level 3, etc. Each level means that you are better at the skill. A combat skill level may mean more accuracy, damage, rate of fire, things like that. Some ships may require you to have level 3 in a navigation skill (for example) so you must train that skill to 3 before you can use the ship. Refining skill levels means you get a better return on your ore refining. I could go on and on but there are way too many skills. Important to note, you can only train one skill at a time.

So why does this work well for a casual player? Simple; the skills train in real time no matter where you are or what you are doing. Log in, start training a skill, and then log off. It will keep training.

This allows me to feel like I am progressing whether I am playing or not. Sometimes I just log in to start training a new skill because I don’t have time to play. In fact, since it saves your training progress, sometimes I stop training a longer skill when I am playing in order to train a shorter one that will finish while I’m still online. Then before I log off I restart training the longer skill and it begins right where it left off.

Granted, to buy skills you need money – sometimes a lot of it depending on the skill. Getting money requires you do something in game. Mine, kill pirates, run missions. All generates income. Therefore, you cannot just play the game by training skills and logging off (unless someone gives you a lot of money). Also, getting the skill to fly a battleship does not mean you really know how to fly a battleship properly. To do that you need to play the game and use the ship.

I really like it because when friends of mine play a lot more than I do, they do not really get any further ahead of me as far as skills are concerned. They may make more money and know more about the game, but heck they can just share that with me hehe.

This game is not for everyone. I’m sure many will get bored with it and that is fine. It is not a fast paced game. It is more of a thinking game. It is what you make of it. When I log in, I decide what I feel like doing. Get in my destroyer and go mine while defending myself from the occasional pirate? Get in my frigate and go pirate hunting to collect bounties and loot? Get in my industrial ship and do some trade routes? The options are only as limited as you make them.

Last night I took my frigate out and scoured asteroid fields for pirates. If I found any, I would launch a few missles at them to take out their shields and as they got closer I would open up with my railguns. After taking them out, I could loot their cargo holds for equipment. In fact, I have a cargo hold scanner so I can see what they are carrying before I even attack.

I haven’t even got into all the other options. There are all sorts of electronic warfare available, things that shut down your ship, or keep you from targeting the enemy. You could train up cloaking devices and stealth your way across the galaxy. You could join up with a corporation and manaufacture ships or equipment. You could claim a spot in 0.0 space and defend it from all others. You could even hunt down other players with bounties on their head.

Only time will tell if this game really is what I’ve been seeking or if it is just another new shiny, blinding me from seeing the truth. But I know this; I talk to many people in game and a lot of them have been playing it like I do and still are playing (and enjoying) it after 2 years.

– Ethic

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  1. I’m in this game now, name is “Salvantis Nasad”, I know kinda silly sounding for a space game but it was the name of my first good character back about 10-12 years ago in GemStone III. Nostalgia!

    I made my character a fighter because I remember the last time I played Eve mining was great money but SO SLOW! Fighting is more risky but I enjoy it a lot more. Mostly been just going around to 0.7 and 0.8 systems and searching the asteroid belts. The missions have gotten to the point where they seem to always ask me to go to some 0.4 or lower system or go fight something a bit too rough for my wimpy frigate (can’t remember name, the “I” something Gallente one that costs 200k ISK). Got zapped by PC pirates AND podded once trying to get back out of a low security system after making a delivery and also died once to NPC pirates because I was over-confident since I’d never had problems with them up until then. That was 2 200k ships but I just write it off as part of the learning experience. Better now then when I’m spending 1 mil or more on my ships, and being a PvP’er in most games it didn’t bug me much. Part of the risk of taking the “dangerous, but a lot more fun” option.

  2. Sounds like you are doing what I enjoy as well. Fighting is much more appealing to me than mining is, but I still mine on occasion for some quick cash (making around 350,000 ISK per trip now). I mostly cruise the asteroid fields in .6 or .7 systems looking for pirates to blow up.

    I’ll say howdy next time I see you in game and maybe we can go hunting pirates together some time, hehe. I’m currently flying a Merlin but I am saving up for a Moa (Caldari ships).

    I’d guess your ship is an Imicus or Incursus.

  3. Curses. In one sense, I could see whether I should play by watching how long it takes Ethic to get sick of it. On the other hand, by then, there would be one less person whom I know in the game, and that list is already one hand’s worth.

    Decisions, decisions.

  4. Yeah I am getting tempted listening to all this too ;-)

    Not sure if I can afford both CoH and EVE from a time investment point of view…

  5. Winter – I managed CoH and EVE at the same time for two months, and the reason I quit one had to do with finances rather than time investment. The beauty is that the games are polar opposites. CoH is intense, and is at its best when you and friends are hitting something you’ve planned to do. EVE is something you can do for an hour or two late at night or on a lazy Sunday afternoon. With CoH gets busy, your EVE life can easily contract to accomodate it

    At least that’s the way I played them.

  6. Full time work means I have no financial issues, but the time issue is made worse ;-)

    If I were to join up, any chance of hooking up with some of you guys?

  7. You bet, just send your character name to me and/or Zxyrox (links to the right under contacts) and tell us your character name. We have a channel in-game set up for a few of us from here to make it easier to chat and ask questions. My name in game is “Ethic KTR” if you just want to send me a message in-game. I’m on usually after 9pm central.

  8. Any chance of EVE-mailing me those chat cannel details?

    Also, how is Zxyrox’s corpwar going? I hear only horror stories about them in general, so be interesting to know what they’re *really* like.

  9. I will send you an EVE-mail with the channel details. The war is over, perhaps Zxyrox will write a post about it?

  10. War can be a crippling thing….especially when its a PvP corp against an industrial corp… but war has its rewards…honestly to quote nightfreeze “..There is nothing better then to see your enemies defeated before you…”

    and i(we) proved that too :) i hope that battleship was extra expensive…with named mods and such…

  11. I just got an “Exequror” and now I’m scared to go anywhere with less than 0.7 security. Are the pirates tougher the lower the security in a system? I noticed the 0.7’s are slightly tougher and worth more because a) higher bounty, and b) better equipment drops. Having spent almost all of the 5 mil. I’d saved up on the ship though makes me worried about losing it before I’ve made at least that much back.

    I actually bought an “Iteron” to mine while I’m AFK and that thing makes a LOT of money, even though it mines super slow (only 1 highslot). I just put it in Oursalaert to mine some scordite and went and read a book before bed, it depleted one meteor so I started it on another and went back to my book. A while later it was full and I turned in the easy-to-get scordite and HOLY CRAP in one trip in a completely safe area = 250,000 ISK. VERY nice. Almost tempting me to make a full time mining character but I’ve learned in playing these games to try to stick to 1 main until he’s max or near max.

    You should start a KTR Corp so we can hook up and do some “dangerous area” mining. I’ll do hauling, mining or pirate protection duty since it looks like I’m becoming a “jack of all trades”. :-p

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