Don’t Blame The Game

From Corpnews I found this evidence that people are broken:

A thoughtless couple in their 20s who left their four-month old daughter at home while they played Internet computer games at a nearby PC café have been booked by police after the child died.

According to Incheon Police Station on Tuesday, a 29-year-old man husband identified by his family name of Yu and his wife put their four-month daughter in the bedroom of their home and went to a neighborhood PC café at around 4:00 p.m. on May 24 to play the online game “World of Warcraft”.

Time flew by as the couple lost themselves in the game, and when they returned home at 9:00 p.m., their daughter was lying on her stomach, dead of suffication.

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If it wasn’t an MMORPG, it would be a quick drink at the bar or just running to the store for a “second”. Something is wrong with these people. Something is very, very wrong with these people.

Wake up, real life is happening all around you and you aren’t even living it. Focus on what is important. A game is just a game, it is entertainment. Don’t make it out to be something more than that. Nobody cares if you have a level 60 Rogue, it just does not matter. If you are looking for respect, love, accomplishments, or fame, try life out – there is a lot of room for more good people doing good things. It may seem like you get those from a game, but the reality is that you don’t.

Whatever your obsession is and for whatever reason you turn to it, try to remember what is really important and not let your obsessions run your life.

– Ethic

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Blame The Game”

  1. This sort of stuff is so sad, and I completely agree, evidence that people are broken and messed up.

    I’d agree to that it is not the game that is the problem, any more than it might have been alcohol, sports, whatever. Obsessions, on the whole are bad things. Everyone is trying to fill up that hole in their lives, and sadly we so often pour way too much of something that might, in and of itself, not be so bad, into that hole.

    Wow, that last sentence was nasty…

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