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[EVE Online] You know, honestly, I don’t like blathering on about an MMO that I am actually enjoying because I have been here before. Sooner or later (and recently it is always sooner) I grow tired and bored and start to lose interest in playing. The magic fades away and the mechanics are all that is left. Going through the motions is not fun and “The Cancel” soon follows.

But here I go again.

EVE is scratching me in all the right places. The latest itch is classes. EVE does not technically have classes, but you can fill the role of most traditional classes. You can fight, craft, tradeskill, work the market, support, etc. You can be any or all of those. To change class, most of the time all you need to do is switch to a different ship.

Let’s say you are out mining ore because you want to make some money when out of the blue your friend says he needs help with a mission. You fly back to the station and switch into a ship set for support. This ship has devices on it capable of remotely boosting shields and power on your friends ship. After the mission’s battle ends, you return to the station and check the market. Seeing that your ore is more valuable 4 systems away, you get onboard of your transport ship and load all the ore. Off you go to make some extra cash just for making a little trip.

Upon returning, another friend is out mining and there are pirates bothering him. Hop into your sleek fast fighter and go get them off his back. Loot their goods and collect the bounty and you are making money again. I could go on but I think you get the point.

Now you’ll have to excuse me, there are some “rats” out there with my name on them.

– Ethic

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  1. I think it’s actually slightly better than you say. It’s true that the ships are the main determining factor as to what class you are there’s also massive scope for mixing and matching at the ship level. This means that you can mix the classes in a way that no other game has quite managed so far. The obvious one is shoving a missile launcher on your mining ship and becoming a miner/fighter but there’s also scope for healing, scouting and various other support roles that you can mix in. Where it wins out over all the other games I can think of is once you can use, for example, the ECM equipment then you can always use it and there’s never any need to drop these skills and you’re only limited by needing the equipment.

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