Enemies are your best friends

[EVE Online] In an interesting diplay of game mechanics, I can now make friends in EVE Online by blowing up their ships. If I have never talked with anyone, they are neutral to me; if I have run some missions for them, they like me a little; if I have blown up some of their stuff, they are surprisingly friendly.

You see, there is a skill called “Diplomacy: Skill at interacting with hostile Agents. 0.4 Bonus per level to effective standing towards hostile Agents.” I took my first level of Diplomacy tonight, although I could theoretically take up to five. Checking how much my contact likes me after running my last mission of the night, I was surprised to see how many pirate factions had taken a liking to me. My corporation is in a massive war against the Blood Raider Covenant, who now gives me a +0.38 rating. Guristas Pirates, Angel Cartel, and all the other pirates now like me more than all but one of the groups for which I have run missions. I failed a mission for one group, since it involved my being ganked by a dozen NPC pirates; if I start running missions for them successfully, my faction rating will take a big hit.

If you’ll excuse me, I am going to go make some new friends by blowing up ships, attacking random passers-by, and generally pushing people into traffic. That is apparently the most efficient way to make friends in EVE.

: Zubon

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  1. Our corp isnt actually at war with the blood raider covenant, however myself and annother pilot from our corp have aided Amarria Auxillia in thier attacks against the blood raider inquisition and the blood raider covenent as a whole, however i have noticed the same thing from my agent missions, the more guristas pirates i blow up, the more they love me :)

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