Oh come on…

[Final Fantasy XI] Ok, seriously, I am still holding back all comments, and its not like this is some major change, but COME ON, I DONT NEED TO KNOW EVERY LITTLE DETAIL HANDED OUT LIKE CHRUMBS TO A BEGGER! Ummm… yeah, deep breath time.

Just release the update information already.

Ticket to Japan: $1000
Two nights in seedy Japanese motel: $2
Enough Saki to kill the pain: $5
Killing the teasing idiot that writes these update updates: Priceless

Simpler Title Selection and a New NPC Fortuneteller!

The next version update will introduce changes to the character title selection system and reveal a new NPC fortuneteller.

New Character Title Selection System
-Currently, when using the services of an NPC bard to change your title, you must pay gil to receive a list of earned titles that you can select from. However, in the next version update, you may see your list of titles without paying. It will still cost gil to change your title, but the price will be lowered.

-After altering your character’s title, the surrounding adventurers will be notified by a /say message announcing the change.

-Players will now have the option to have one of their titles selected randomly for free once each day (Earth time).

New NPC Fortuneteller
-A new NPC will tell the player’s fortune regarding character titles and other “elements.”

Keep checking this site for the newest information regarding the version update in mid-July!

Ripped from the dead cold grip of some idiot SE programmer at the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team webpage.


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  1. Darn they actually have someone with good english writing skills doing their updates. It would be far more entertaining in engrish.

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