No New Information

Sometimes you hear a sentence in-game that adds no new information. It is something people say so often that saying it again creates no new knowledge in the world. In fact, only the sentence’s opposite would be notable. It isn’t always true, but at any given moment, someone will say it within the next 30 seconds:

  • I hear there are going to be a bunch of nerfs in the next patch.
  • There have been a lot of complaints on the boards lately.
  • Some moron is babbling about nonsense in broadcast/general chat.
  • Some morons are comparing e-peens in the lowbie zone.
  • I hate Jack Thompson
  • Did they nerf accuracy? I think they nerfed accuracy. I swear, I’m missing a lot more lately.
  • My healer got another blind team invite.
  • For the love of God, I am never joining another non-guild group again. This pickup group is herd of f’ing morons, I kid you not. There’s this one guy here who knows what he’s doing, and I think the rest are a bunch of twelve-year-olds on crack.
  • I never get any good drops.
  • Is anyone working customer service tonight? I’ve been in the queue for like an hour.
  • That chick is so obviously a guy.
  • I’m lagging pretty bad here. Is anyone else lagging?

Feel free to add your own examples.

: Zubon

5 thoughts on “No New Information”

  1. – LAGALALALGLLGALG OMG SO LAGGY AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!11!!!!oneone!!!!!!!!11twohundredsixtythree

  2. Leeeerooooooy Jeeeenkins.

    Yeah. Although I don’t hear it was often as I once did, its still a pretty common occurence.

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