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[World of Warcraft] Sending a special tip out to the person that invited me to join their guild last night.

Don’t just invite random people to your guild without even talking to them. That move alone guarantees I won’t join your guild.

That is all.

– Ethic

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17 thoughts on “Guild Invite Tip”

  1. Gah, try to invite someone AND have a talk AND have a talk that must be repeated dozen of times AND most of the times ends with a “no, thanks”.

    The less worst way I have found is to ask if someone is interested and then, maybe, have a talk.

  2. If you aren’t willing to spend a little time telling me about your guild, you are not worthy of having me in your guild. It’s the little things that make all the difference. A random invite means (to me) that you don’t care who is in your guild.

  3. Depending on the way your game of choice handles guild membership, you can have a little bit of fun with blind applications… Just let them sit there until the end of time and see how many you can collect. My record in Guild Wars was 4, before they started retracting the invitations.

  4. When I get guild invites, I spend a while asking the person many questions about the guild. Does the guild have a theme? What are the guild’s goals? Do you have a rank system? How does it work? Do you share goods, or is it mostly independent? Are you planning on being or already are an end-game guild? How many members do you have? How many members are you planning on having? Are you doing random invites, or are you scoping out the better players? What’s your tabard look like?(surprisingly not as lame a question as you might think).

    Usually I don’t get through that many, but if the inviter is receptive, I tend to ask even more. I’ve been in a number of guilds in WoW and various other MMORPGs, and what players tend to fail to realize is that joining and being a member of a guild can be a great or terrifying experience. Many people are afraid to try to change guilds for the better or to leave a guild when things are bad and getting worse. Considering that, players often spend a lot of time in the same guild (perhaps hoping things will improve, or thinking they don’t have other options). Shouldn’t the initial decision about whether to join a particular guild be well thought out?

    As for “blind” invites. Someone “whispering” me to join a guild is not nearly as bad as when, without any warning, I get a pop-up invitation. That’s about the worst way to “invite” people into a guild, and I’d never accept either of those methods of invitation.

  5. psyae said: As for “blind” invites. Someone “whispering” me to join a guild is not nearly as bad as when, without any warning, I get a pop-up invitation. That’s about the worst way to “invite” people into a guild, and I’d never accept either of those methods of invitation.

    That is exactly the kind of invite I am referring to, the pop-up invitation. It happened while I was shopping in the auction house so it was even more annoying.

  6. Bliz should implement a toggle that disallows guild invites (and why not party invites, as well). If someone politely asks you to join a guild, and you want to, you can merely toggle the switch, and accept the invite. What’s so hard about that, Bliz?

    (*hoping they don’t already have this*)

    Anyone know of a Mod that does this? (like I need another friggin mod!!!)

  7. was this an established guild you’ve seen around?? chances are good they’re probably just trying to fill the charter and get the guild going, which then you could just leave after its got its 10 sigs

  8. No. I know the difference between a guild charter and a guild invite. I sign guild charters all the time and then leave. I bet I am a founding member of 20 guilds. This was a plain old guild invite.

    I’m going to have to start my own guild I think.

  9. The worst is getting a whisper asking you to join a guild, and when you politely say no thanks they blow up and insult you.

    Ummmm, yeeeeahhhh… thank you for reinforcing my initial instinct.

  10. only thing worse are random duel invites – usually given by wandering ?? level folk in the n00b areas of Elwyn Forest. Are they really *that* bored?

  11. I honestly think this may be worse in Guild Wars….

    Seriously, am totally with you, who wants to join a guild that asks random people to join? Sounds like a recipe for idiocy to me. (Of course all of GW may fall under that rubric in any case)

  12. There are many conversations of the following template that are never worth carrying on past the third sentence:
    “Do you want to join my guild?”
    “Why not?”
    From there, the conversation will not become any more helpful to anyone, and it is best just to end it. The initial inquiry may request many things of you, such as:
    “Do you have any extra gold I can have?”
    “Will you powerlevel me? I just need another eight bubbles.”
    “Can I have that sword?”

  13. >>>
    “How do you get from Ironforge to Stormwind? … Can you take me there?”

    As part of my good deed of the day last Saturday, me (lvl 18) and an lvl 52 ran a lvl 16 from Menethil to Ironforge. At that point I took him from IF all the way to Sentinel Hill via tram, making sure he gathered his flight points all along the way. I think I must’ve told the guy 50 times that “you really want to get these flight points, because you really don’t want to make this run again.”

  14. My wife gets them more than I do, these random duel requests, since she’s usually lower level than me, and that’s the duel invites. It doesn’t matter to the requester what her level is, if they’re bored BAM-Duel me the duel flag drops. Usually while she’s checking her mail, or doing some tailoring. Out of the blue BAM-Duel me. Decline. BAM-Duel me. Decline. BAM-Duel me. Decline-No thank you. BAM-Duel me. Decline. “He’s five levels higher than me.” “/ignore him then, dear.” BAM-Duel me. Sigh. Usually, 95% of the time, the one requesting the duel is higher level than her, sometimes 5 or more.

    After one round of this in Goldshire I decided to teach the requester a lesson. I logged out with my Paladin and logged in with my Rogue who was staying in the same Inn as it happened.

    Leaving the inn and stepping out onto the dusty streets of Goldshire I was looking for Mr. BAM-Duel me. He would pay. I had at least 30 levels on him. Well, it was only two minutes but he appeared to be gone. I turned to my wife’s character and waved, bowed, and dance with her.

    Then I get it. BAM-Duel me. Okay, glad to. Some level 15 NE Rogue was wanting to duel? I’d oblige. I Ambushed him for over 900. Then, unbelievable, BAM-Duel me. So I one-shotted him again.

    The one that had been bothering my wife was gone, and the random duel requests with me stopped as well.

    This happens in Goldshire and The Crossroads. Nowhere else. These two places appear to be magnets for the duellists. Avoid at all costs. :)

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