0 for 2

[World of Waitcraft] After my failed attempt at EQ2 last night I figured some WoW would be in order so I logged on in.

Authenticating… and nothing.


– Ethic

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6 thoughts on “0 for 2”

  1. Hellscream (and apparently Blizzard) took a massive deuce at about 11:00pm est. tonight. No idea what/why/how come…. but login servers are down, forums are down, and as I said at least Hellscream is down. I logged out when I threw an insta-cast spell that did not fire off after 10 min… and have been unable to log in since.

  2. I did finally did get in last night and then had a 30 minute queue. And then I got booted out. Then I went to bed.

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