Ding IRL

The civil service is a great place for gamers. Sure, there is a bit of a grind, but it’s a level-based system with clear rewards for time inputs. Having reached level 12 this week, in addition to the bonus in gold rewards, I get six skill points and a feat to assign on my stats. It should take about a year to level again, so I have time to shop around and decide where to spend those. You don’t want to be FOTM in government.

Unfortunately, lag was an issue, since I messaged the trainer four months ago. It apparently takes many requests to the server for that to go through. I wonder if they’re getting a lot of those requests lately? It all ends happily, since there was a rollback and the gold rewards are retroactive to when they were originally scheduled for implementation.

Next, we beat another metaphor into the ground for no good reason. But first, I need to go wash some dishes in a kind of The Sims LARP.

: Zubon