Best. Movie. Ever.

Just got back from the first showing of Serenity. No spoilers here, just praise.

You know how when you really want a film to be good, really good, that it always ends up not meeting your expectations? Thankfully and for the first time in my movie viewing history, this one did not follow that path. This movie is better than I had hoped. It was fantastic. If I didn’t have to get back to work, I would have stayed for a second showing.

I’m shocked and suprised and thrilled and blown away. Bring on the sequal!

Do yourself a favor and avoid any spoilers, there are some suprises for sure and you wouldn’t want to ruin it.

Oh and personally, I think having watched the TV series really improved the quality of the movie. I’m not sure how someone that never saw any of the shows would think. I would hope they like it too, it was that good.

– Ethic

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2 thoughts on “Best. Movie. Ever.”

  1. Very enjoyable. I need to watch it again, because I got my second viewing the first time. The first time you see a great film, you need to just let it wash over you and absorb it in its fullness. I did the repeat-viewing attention to detail and nuance. I can now easily point out where they were using Japanese writing instead of Chinese, or various oddities, but I missed the full experience.

    Yeah, the operative is a good character.

  2. Just saw it last weekend. My sister got me into Buffy and Angel and I’ve been a Whedon fan ever since. I really liked Firefly when it was on the air. That movie surpassed all my expectations. I took a friend who’s never even heard of Firefly and he enjoyed it as well. The reavers were awesome and the ending… I don’t want to give anything away so I won’t say too much, but the look on the operative’s face before the space battle, hilarious. Unfortunately the film didn’t do too well in the box office. It’ll be a moneymaker, just not a huge hit. Personally I’d like to see a sequel, but only if they put some money into it. No Sci-Fi channel originals like that Dungeons and Dragons sequel. Bleh.

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