Size Matters

EVE[EVE Online] I came across a link to a picture of all (most?) the ships in EVE Online side by side and it shows the size comparison of them quite well, besides just being cool. Take note of the representative scale in the lower left corner.

I have uploaded a copy here for anyone to view. Click here for an even bigger view. Enjoy!

– Ethic

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  1. It is my understanding (could be wrong) that you can own all those ships, and in fact I think there is an even larger ship on the way for each race. Keep in mind, you can train to fly any race’s ships, all of them if you wish to. Just takes time.

  2. That looks like all four sets, plus the Sansha priate NPCs (the spikey ones) and a few I’ve never seen before. (Is that a Badger Mk III?) I’m guessing the huge one in the middle is some kind of POS structure, or 10/10 Complex Boss though…it’s certainly not a player ship I ever saw.

    It’s a fantastic piece of poster art though, and informative – I’d played on and off for a year or so, and rarely actually saw two ships lined up side by side for a size comparison before, so had no idea exactly how they measured up to each other. The Eifel Tower/Statue of Liberty is a nice touch too. :)

    Off to check their store for a poster of it…

  3. A player put this together, I don’t think there is a poster. On the larger version, take note of the “Damsel in distress” in the lower left corner.

  4. In my short trial of EVE, I had the punisher…yeah, that speck over there in the right-hand coner. My epeen just died.

  5. Wow that is an awesome picture. I always thought the Armageddon was huge but it’s barely medium. Are the O.R.E. ships on there? I didn’t see them.

    THAT THING IN THE MIDDLE IS HUUUUUUUGE! ePeen just died also, I had the medium ORE ship, the Iteron Mark IV and an Exequoror (sp?).

  6. Bastard, i was about to link that, and yeah, the Minmatarr dreadnought is that big because it is vertical unlike the others, which are horizontal. :) Good find though, its my new wallpaper until i get annother screenshot of Terry dieing :D

  7. Yes, 95% of the ships shown here are available to anyone who has the ISK (in game money). And lots of people do. Some very very rich bastages flying around out there. I own a lot of the smaller ships, I prefer to try them out, so I have a better idea of what they might be fitted out with, if I ended up shooting at them :)

    While I’ve yet to see any of the dreadnaughts (they don’t hang out in the areas I work in,) I’ve seen the rest, the freighters, the industrial haulers, the battleships, the cruisers, the frigates. Haven’t fought that spikey pirate battleship yet, but shot down many of the rest.

    Haven’t see the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty yet, but EVE is big, they might be flying around somewhere.

  8. That damsel in distress is a problem. Either there are a lot of lasses being abducted to work in brothels, or it’s that one girl I kept “rescuing” who was just trying to make an honest living. I trusted my contact that she needed rescuing, but I must have blown up her place of work 10 or 15 times a week, liberating her and 10 units of janitors, homeless, or exotic dancers. I hope I wasn’t ruining someone’s career.

  9. OK I downloaded EVE, but the tutorial is kicking my arse :P Seriously confused on space flight.

    Whats the easiest way to get into the market trading game?

  10. Best bet is to join the channel “KTR” and someone there can answer questions. We all kind of hang out there. There is an icon on the left, channels, click that and then the Join button and type in KTR. That should get you there.

  11. Space flight for the most part involves setting a destination and using the autopilot. In a battle or when mining, I select what I am interacting with (asteroid, rat, container) and then you can use the icons in the upper right. Approach, orbit, etc.

    Market trading is something I feel takes time learning the market. Watching and observing. I did run a trade route for a while, where I could fill up my cargo hauler with an item, deliver it somewhere else and make money that way, but it was not always profitable – I had to keep an eye on the sell and buy prices all the time. I gave it up.

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