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Some of those pet murlocs that are available only by going to BlizzCon (or buying one for $150 from someone who did on Ebay) are turning up in game now. I’ve always been a sucker for non-combat pets. At one point I think I owned every pet you could get from a vendor. Need for space in my bank and item slots forced me to sell most of them although I have a few and my collector’s edition zergling still around. I wish I could have the murloc as well. If I had know there would be such huge demand for them on Ebay I would have just bought a couple of BlizzCon tickets and have been able to go and make some money at the same time.

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For those curious to see what they look like, the vendor for the pet murloc (he will not give you one without a code) can be found in the capital cities. He’s got a little murloc standing next to him. Or you can just wait until someone who went to BlizzCon passes by with one. They are all named Murky and they perform the infamous murloc murgle when clicked upon.

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5 thoughts on “Meet Murky”

  1. It’s fun to repeatedly click the ‘demo model’ over and over (sounds a lot like Mogwai from ‘Gremlins’), but I’m not sure I’d want one following me about all the time. Most of the Fun Pets get quite annoying quickly..especially the flappy bird-type ones.

  2. The pets in WoW are kind of annoying, but I like having them. They don’t really do anything, but they don’t hurt anything either. I would really, really like a murloc mostly because of an inside joke I have among some friends. One of my friends got the game when it first came out and unlike myself and a couple other, he had not played beta. So he never trained his warrior to use any ranged weapons, meaning that he could not pull. This meant he would charge into groups of murlocs who would run and aggro other murlocs. He died so many times he came to hate murlocs and we would tease him about it by making the murloc murgle.

  3. what is the code for the murloc pet in ironforge does anybody know it?

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