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coh[City of Heroes] I got an email from yet another old high school friend that is playing City of Heroes. That, combined with *another* day of queues and lag inspired me to quit World of Warcraft (again!). Not that cancelling my account was easy, the WoW website was not responding for most of the evening.

So I patched up CoH, which took two hours while I watched some Monday Night Football. I will reactivate my account the next time I have time to play. No real interest in City of Villains at this time. (Spoke too soon.)

EVE Online will continue, as I have such gloriously evil plans in store there. Well, maybe not *evil* really, I just want to fly around in an invisible ship (ala WonderWoman) and spy on stuff.

– Ethic

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  1. If any of your favorite characters were tankers, especially if they were Invulnerability tankers, just be prepared for the shock. They’ve nerfed the SMACK outta defenses, all defenses, in that game. Your Invul scrapper’s not going to be happy either.

  2. My highest level character is a fire tank, but he is no way near my favorite – he was created for a particular role in a group of three people. I’ll probably be starting from scratch as I don’t think I have any characters on the server my old friends are currently playing on.

  3. I wish I could post on the forums…. I need to tell Statesman how much of a damned idiot he is. For all his experience with game design, all he focuses on are the numbers… he is such a useless piece of crap.

  4. Hey Capt! Yeah, pre-k and beyond, how’s that?

    I have come to approach any “nerf” with a wait and see approach. Sometime game devs actually know what they are doing with their game. Sometimes a change for the better long term health of a game may hurt the short term enjoyment. And really, how many changes made to a game don’t have someone complaining about it?

    Sometimes you just need to try a different strategy.

  5. Star Wars Battlefront 2 came out at midnight last night.

    Just in case you’re wondering where I’ve disappeared to.

  6. Let me know how the space battles go in that, looks interesting. I have the first version and enjoyed it, but wished for some spaceship action.

  7. I need to get that game…first one kicked ass, but not until i get lvl 60… (2 years :D)

  8. My folks have mostly moved in CoV, at least for the near term. New and shiny. Remaining SG-mates are thinly on Pinnacle. Actually, so are the villains.

  9. You seriously need to change WoW servers if it’s making that big of an impact on you. I’ve only had to wait in one or two queues in my time playing, and that was way back when then were first added. The only lag I’ve had of recent has mostly been all on my end, so it’s gotta be your server. Maybe I’ve just been lucky with server choices?

    BTW, when were you getting this lag? I’m guessing monday night, which is when Blizzard tried to take the servers down real quick but ended up screwing them up the rest of the night. I had finally gotten a ZF group who had the mallet too but every time I zoned it would take about 10 minutes to load and logging out and logging back on would take 15 mins, so that was futile.

    I seriously want to know what it is about their patches that they can’t just nail right. Obviously they have tuesday maintainence down, as I’ve never had problems with it, but what is it about patching that they just can’t do?!

  10. I appreciate the thought of changing servers, but the only people that I enjoy hanging out with play on Hellscream, so it is there or nowhere. I have had a queue on that server many times, just the way it is. The lag is around Tarren Mill because of the PvP fighting going on, 40 on 40 typically.

    Really, I don’t enjoy the game that much if I am willing to quit over something like this. So there you have it. I’ll be back sooner or later, that is how it goes. For now I am done.

  11. I’ve found that if I dont log into Hellscream before 8pm EST then I am likely to hit a queue. Guessing since it’s a CST server, that’s about the time the most people are playing.

    As to SW:BF2, I have not gotten very far into the game yet (only played it last night) and already I’ve have a crash/lock-up. I’m suspecting is DirectX related. The game requires DX9.0c and I’m not 100% my drivers are all compliant beyond DX9.0b. *shrug* But, until that crash (which I went to bed after… was not feeling so good) the game ran smooth. Graphics were pretty good, and had no troubles other than a few minor control issues which I resolved once I RTFM’d. My system :

    P4 1.8Ghz, 516MB, GF ti-4200 video with 128MB… ran surpisingly well. Min reqs on game: P4 1.5G (or AMD Athlon 1500), 256MB, 64MB video with VS/PS capability.

    Install size 3.8GB bare min, but expect it to be more like 4.3-5GB. 4 cdroms, takes a few minutes to install.

  12. BTW…. You can skip space battles if you wish. They are pretty cool. But I suck at them so I skip them. Amazingly, the game tracks pretty close to the SW3 movie, as seen from the clone’s POV. Interesting cinematics… they blend well with the movie.

    I’m at mission “Knightfall” (where you storm the Jedi temple)… very hard mission for some reason.

    Still… a fun game. I’d reccomend grabbing it if you’re into the genre.

  13. ANd hate to reply to my reply. but….. Online play is very nice. You can drop into a game somone has running (assuming no password required) and have some teamplay funs as well. It’s B.Net-ish… but not so bad. Spent the better part of tonight in someone else’s campaign… and had fun. Imagine that… fun… online. *shrug*

  14. One -last- comment on SW:BF2….. I fixed my crash. It’s a resolution issue. dropped it, and not had a hint of trouble since. I would expect a future patch from LucasArts will correct it… but quick fix that close to a release giving trouble-free play… I like.

    Odd thing is, I dropped from like 1240×900? down to 900×600? and the picture seemed to stay the same? Should’ve been noticeable… but it was’nt. Anyway… have fun.

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