What Just Happened?

cov[City of Villains] I felt like going on a walkabout over lunch time so I decided to check out the brand new music/software/appliance store right by my work. It was big, make no doubt about it. Too big.

I wandered down the CD aisles and then the DVD aisles, nothing meeting my fancy.

Talked to some people called “Assistant Shoppers”, who it seems will hang out with you while you shop, imparting great wisdom at will. I told them I can handle shopping all by my self, thank you.

I found myself in the software aisle, as I so often do. It’s like a candy display for a little baby.

What’s this? City of Villains is $10 off for club members? They gave me one of these “club member” cards three years ago and they keep renewing it for free because I’m such a good customer. But wait, I don’t want City of Villains, do I?

Some quick math, $49.95 – $10.00 = $39.95 and then we subtract the free month (which doesn’t make any sense because then it’s not free right?) and we are down to $25.00 which seems quite reasonable for a game I had no intentions of buying or playing.

So I bought it. What a sucker. But really, I only do this for the readers. Yeah, that’s the ticket. For the readers…

By the way, I fixed my lag problem in game thanks to some tech support. It applies to ATI graphic cards only I guess. The fix is to add “-useTexEnvCombine” to the end of the shortcut used to run the game like so:

“C:\Program Files\City of Heroes\CohUpdater.exe” -useTexEnvCombine

– Ethic

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