Best. Contact. Ever.

cov[City of Villains] Go create a character in City of Villains and level up to 30. Do enough newspaper missions to get Vivacious Verandi as a contact. Then do all her missions.

Do it now.

While the missions themselves are nothing special, this is a great example of how a bit of text can affect the feel of the game. Viv wants you to destroy things and cause chaos. Oh, and shout, “Wheee!” This is why we are villains: to break things and laugh as we trick our enemies into punching each other in the face. It is nice to have a contact with that spirit. Actually, many of us seem to play our heroes that way in a lot of games…

Oh, and Hardcase? You’re a punk. :p (You’ll understand that, since you’ve gone and run Viv’s story arc by now.)

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Best. Contact. Ever.”

  1. I just got done running a mission for a radio. Yes, a radio. It was sitting on the trunk of a car and there were people dancing around it. I “heard” a voice in the background asking me to steal some containers of outbreak and then distribute them to 4 seperate places. After I stole the containers, I took a submarine to the second part of the mission. It was very entertaining. It also made me level 12 and gave a third robot to master. Wheee!

  2. That is also a stellar mission. After levels of in-fighting with other villains and minor dealings with heroes who are trying to clean up your turf, you go and drop a plague on Paragon City. Now we’re getting into the spirit of things!

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