Sweet Mother of Pearl!

EVE[EVE Online] I logged back into EVE Online tonight. I do not know how much has changed, but the changes to my character since I last logged on are disorienting. I used to hunt pirates almost entirely with drones. Now most of my drones will not fit in my ship, and my skills changed so that I cannot control as many. So that is a switch. More surprises to come as I poke around, I suspect.

Anyone know a good ship with a 125 m3 or larger drone bay? My ogres want to go back to work, preferably without investing a few months of skills in being able to use them again. I guess I’ll need to remember how these guns work. Hmph. I mostly just used them to aggravate far off enemies who I did not feel like chasing: shoot them once, they come closer, and my drones eat them.

I guess this is what happens when you leave a game for six months. Did the Iteron Mark V used to hold more? I recall its holding much more cargo than a Mark IV.

: Zubon

6 thoughts on “Sweet Mother of Pearl!”

  1. Drones were….. re-visioned so that you can only have 5 out at a time (last I remember anyways – I stopped playing a couple of months back).

    Skills that let you control more now make the 5 you have better (more damage).

  2. I was on the verge of reactivating.

    Now I won’t. I’ll keep the fond memories of my domi… well… fond :D

  3. The drones change was mostly to reduce the server load.

    Supposedly, you can use less drones but this loss should be compensated by their increased effectiveness.

    So it shouldn’t be directly a “nerf”.

  4. That’s a good link, and since I tank for my drones in PvE, I really should not be seeing a reduction in combat effectiveness. It seems that I am, though. At least, some of these missions are harder than I remember. Maybe they changed, too.

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