Life in 0.0

EVE[EVE Online] I took a little trip into 0.0 space. 23 jumps inside 0.0 space to be exact. In all reality, it was a boring trip. Not a single shot was fired.

Thanks to a an escort from my buddy Mathir, and pretty much everyone doing something else, we were able to finally get that BPO delivered to our station. Now I’m kind of stuck there until we get a bit of a convoy back out. I saved a jumpclone so I can come back later to do some PvP.

It’s not all boring out here though, oh no. Check out this little map screen capture from a battle our alliance was involved in tonight. Reports appear to be in our favor, but what a battle it must have been for both sides.

From our corporation press release: “Ars Caelestis pilot Achilles Thorongmor personally assisted in a mammoth twenty two kills, over half of which were Battleship kills.”

Wish I was there.

P.S. New video card! About time I moved up from that 9700pro.

– Ethic

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8 thoughts on “Life in 0.0”

  1. I heard about that. 1 hour fleet battle with bearable lag, nice indeed. AFAIK S-A “won” that engagement, as in they lost a little less :) But that’s forum information, and it’s never true :P

  2. Heh, just wait until I actually get involved in the battles…

    EVE is all about player-driven content. This past week has proven that to me. If you do not get involved in the player-driven content, I think you’d get bored. THIS is exciting stuff.

    Reading my corp-mates conversations after the battle was over, well, let’s just say they were totally pumped up and excited.

  3. But the wall again is getting to that part of the game and I hate slow gameplay. I know the arguement that it is all worth it in the end.

    I have the game installed and I can’t wait to spin it up and max the graphics out on the new PC.

    Also I understand there is some sort of invite a buddy type trial acocunt I can get. If you want to you can give me an invite at

  4. Done.

    It doesn’t take long at all to skill up enough to fly a tackler, which is always nice to have in pvp battles.

  5. Ethic I remember reading over a pretty good newbie guide (not the official one) about what skills to get going first and some basic help to get started. But a Google search isn’t getting me anything other than a couple in depth forum posts that make no damn sense… they are written by people that know a lot aobut the game and fail at translating it to something a newb understands.

  6. Heartless_ , and any other new EvE players for that matter, once in game you can join my two corps public rooms for some chat and advice, Ill list those channels and how to get them at the end here.
    On skills, if you are doing the 14day trial skip the learning skills that everyone says to get and instead focus on properly creating the character in the first place. In no other game is creation so important and so poorly documented.
    You need to go for balanced attribute points in your fist character. I would also recommend picking options that will lead to frig 3 or 4. You know what Ill do a write up and give a linky to an offline character creater over at One Tired EvE Pilot, just click on my name above to get there.

    ok so the public channels: once in game there is a tab near the bottom of the left hand tool bar called….frak not sure what its called, but its like 3 or 4 up from the bottom and once opened it will have a button at the top of the box that says join/create , clicky the button and a text input box will appear. Type in:
    —and then type—
    New Rose Hotel


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