CCP Cracks The Whip

EVE[EVE Online] CCP just posted a new devBlog and it comes down really hard on cheaters. It appears to even say they are going to go after people that cheated in the past. Mostly it concerns the act of buying/selling ISK via an auction site such as ebay.

I really like what they have to say and I hope it’s not just all smoke and mirrors, which is what I’ve come to expect from previous games attempts to stop such deals. I’ll attach the devBlog below, for those that cannot find it on the main site:

GM Arkanon here, screaming incoherently, although somewhat muffled by an ever growing mountain of petitions.

Although we’re generally so busy these days that we hardly have time to play our usual 18 holes of Jovian minigolf at lunchtime, I would like to take a moment to address the issue of online trading of ingame items, as many users seem to be unaware of our policy in these matters.

As most of you probably know all trading of ingame items using real currency is forbidden, as detailed in our EULA. This goes for buying and selling and even attempted trading, advertising or otherwise publicising this activity.

Recently, we have noticed that the trend seems to be that ISK buyers are investing even more heavily than before, sometimes up to one, or over a billion ISK at a time. Needless to say, by illegally obtaining such amounts of ISK, the offending players are not only cheating, but their actions can severely affect other players, who are put at an unfair disadvantage in many vital areas of the game, such as in PVP and in the market. We do not intend to allow people to ruin the gaming experience for other players through this most lazy and underhanded way of achieving your goals in EVE. In other words, THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!

Here’s a brief rundown of the horrors in store for those evildoers foolhardy enough to think they can get away with breaking our rules:

Anyone found selling items through Ebay or other similar auction sites faces an instant and permanent ban from the game. This ban will apply to all accounts traced to that user. Users supplying ISK to salesmen will also receive permanent bans.

Users who buy ISK or other items from auction sites will receive a warning or a temporary ban, depending on the severity of the offense and the user’s previous record. The ISK will be confiscated, even if that means we have to put the offender’s wallet into a negative state. Severe or repeated offenses will be met with instant and permanent bans.

This issue is not up for discussion. Buying your way ahead in EVE is cheating, pure and simple. There are many examples of games ruined by online merchants and their customers, and for good reason. Who wants to play a game where no one plays by the rules? Where’s the fun in obtaining your goals through normal gameplay, only to have them wiped out by someone who bought his advantage on Ebay?

If you engage in such activity, do not be surprised if action is taken against you. We do not care if you bought your ISK yesterday or last month, what you did constitutes an unfair advantage against other players and we will take action regardless. You stand to lose your accounts, your Ebay investment and the ability to enjoy the best MMORPG there is (hey, we won!), all in one fell swoop.

All the best,

GM Arkanon

Go get them!

– Ethic

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7 thoughts on “CCP Cracks The Whip”

  1. It shall be interesting to see the result, for sure. With millions of players on these games, the item transfer logs, if they exist in the first place, must be huge. But I understand the attempt!


  2. Not millions in EVE, and ISK transfers are all tracked. You can even check your wallet to see every ISK that flows in and out of your account. A billion ISK gift should not be too hard to trace. Smaller transactions may not be meaningful, but they would be easy to check after the big hit: find one big sale, assume that any big transfer is a similar sale, or check eBay and match up buyers to transfers.

    This is not a game where you can just drop coins on the ground for someone else to pick up.

    You could do some laundering through buying and selling items, but it should not be too hard to see how many things sold at 100,000x the average market price in the past month.

  3. Zubon is right. I can look up, rather quickly, every single transaction (in detail) and transfer of funds for my character. The catch will be to deal with legitimate gifts from one player to another. If my buddy gave me 100 million ISK, how can they prove it was a gift and not a purchase? Even if my buddy tells them it was a gift, that is what any seller would say too. I think their only chance is buying ISK from auction sites and seeing who transfers money to them, then backtracking the records to see who else they transferred funds to. Run a sting for a while…

  4. Odds are, the’ve been running a sting for some time now. Can’t see them putting that out there without having targets already. Most likely the hammer is about to fall, and the announcement was to keep the ones who might be thinking about doing it in line.

  5. Inhibit probably has it right. They’ve probably even purchased ISK themselves to track the source.

    Its dirty. Its underhanded. And I f’n love it.

  6. also the way these ISK sellers get their funds is through macro mining for the most part and the game has a very active and very militant anti-macro miner society. the anti-McMiners bombard GMs with petitions of any and every suspect, and then we proceed to relocate McMiners Ore or even destroy the McMiner in some cases. A sting operation would probably also be a good idea. I think eBay should be required to release customer information of questionable sales. This would be a tricky privacy issue as it got pushed to the limit, but I feel that breaking copy rights, trade secrets, and laws should be open to scrutny.
    Anyway…..selling ISK is bad mkay

  7. ” Oh it’s so bad for people to make real money playing the game because whatever they create within the game is really worthless and CCP (((( OWNS EVERYTHING ))))) and without the players Eve-Online would still be a game , I mean , a game doesn’t really need players , does it ?? It just needs a bunch of devs , that’s all ”

    “Stealing” their ” intellectual property ” because the people that dedicate hours and hours of their time and effort in playing these types of games , they don’t actually have any rights or “property” within the game ((((( CCP OWNS EVERTHING ))))) . SO , don’t be “baaad” and think you actually own that character or game item you spent months or years working for , it all belongs to ((((( CCP )))))) .

    Hey look if you can make real money playing a game , more power to you . I salute you . And you self-righteous purists / CCP weenies can go take a trip to tartarus .

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