One-Day Ascension?

[Kingdom of Loathing] For those interested in such things, several people tried for one-day Ascensions (i.e., beat the game) in Kingdom of Loathing yesterday. They were coming off Hardcore-Oxygenarian (max difficulty) runs and donated a good amount of the money to have maximum rewards/resources. Bashy seemed the most likely, being perhaps the most prominent player in the Kingdom. He has…everything. Mysticality day, a good donation item, coming off an Oxycore run… good times.

This thread tracks the progress of several of the runners, along with commentary and cheerleading. Or, if you want to cut to the chase, read after the break.

They did not make it. With a bit of random number generator luck, Bashy could have made it, but several people ran out of turns in the Lair. Bashy spent his last turn losing to the second form. So close…

It appears that a one-day Ascension is physically possible, but it would require another donation item like the Iceberglet, along with the Hardcore-Oxygenarian setup, the right starting day, access to pretty much every item in the game (in multiple copies), actual playing skill, and really good luck. Bashy fell a bit short on this last bit.

Sorry that I am neglecting the others who tried. Bashy was the great white hope, since he was the last one going (not to mention, hey, it’s Bashy). Depending on how many people tried, maybe Jick can buy a new server for the Kingdom.

Better luck next time to the seriously hardcore players. I am pretty casual over in the Kingdom. It is easy to let interest wax and wane in a free game. Fun little thing, if you have not tried it.

: Zubon

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  1. I think I made it to level 13, but have not beaten the Naughty Sorceress. I sort of lost interest, even though I am in a really good clan. We are at the top of one the leader boards even. I pretty much quit, giving everything to my clan the other day.

  2. Heh, brings me back a bit…haven’t played KoL in about a year. I used to play it religiously, should see if my character is still going strong. He had many donation items, a few rare (well used to be) items. I should go on and just donate it all to someone. Good to see Bashy still going at it. He cracked me up as the seemingly only Roleplayer in the game. “Me Bashy, Me hate Fetus”

  3. Hit submit before I finished….but not much else to say. I quit KoL because I got tired of the repetition of the Hardcore runs and being a slave to RNG. A great community in that game, but also had its fair share of scammers. Always a scam going on in that game.

  4. Ha! KoL!! I love it…it’s been a while (been really busy playing ProgressQuest) but it’s good to see that it’s still up and running. Good luck next time Bashy.

  5. Hey guys, I’m aware that few people my read this thread, i stumbled onto this page through google searching, I have 15mill and i thought why not, I’m trying to do a one (or two even cause it normally takes me 10 weeks) day ascension. Any tips or even a 100% walkthrough will be great, KMAIL me in game, my name is as above, or email me ( ) any worth while advice will be appreciated and rewarded.

    Hoping to hear a few posts =]
    Love from Andre / m0r_0cc0

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