Expanding High Level Content

kol[Kingdom of Loathing] Back at the Kingdom, 15 new skills have been added to the game. The long-term plan is to fight the Naughty Sorceress at level 15, not 11. The skills expanding the game in that direction are now mostly in, with the additional quests and such to follow as content is completed.

A bunch of new skills are now available from your friendly neighborhood Guild Trainer. All classes now have skills up to level 14, except Turtle Tamers, who only got a level 13 skill, and Accordion Thieves, who got their skills all the way to 15.

Discussion thread is here. As ever, new friends are welcome in the Kingdom. :)

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Expanding High Level Content”

  1. Man… i think its one of the best games… its a bit unusual, but some people are so ignorant or something that as soon as they see stick figures and Paint drawings for monsters and NPC, they run away…just like my brother.

    but i love it. its pretty cool and ive already ascended once =) Ive also submitted a few ideas made by me and my friends to the almighty creator of the game Jick to be considered… some of them are pretty good. i just hope i get those mr. accessories!

    anyways…i probably wont be here anymore, i dunno…bye

  2. oh btw i think the skillz are pretty good, having seen the spoilers on the official KoL forums =p

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