3 thoughts on ““Arrest””

  1. Arresting actually makes better sense then killing in my opinion. You knock them out and send them to jail. Of course they are just going to break out and go right back to what they were doing before so another super can arrest them. Explains everything.

  2. In the same way as we are merely subdued by firebreathing demons, giant robots stepping on us, and psychic badasses turning our brains to mush?


  3. They wouldn’t be villains if they didn’t try to kill you. You’re a hero because you pull the killing blow at the last moment and somehow attach one of a seemingly endless supply of invisible teleporters to the bad guys–I have yet to see a cop show up to cuff and haul away criminals.

    Villains don’t do that, which is why you get to experience the joys of teleporting back to the hospital right before you die. Well, I take that back: I loved the CoV mission where I *did* get defeated and teleported to the prison cell–my wife had to come rescue me.

    CoH is like Toontown with trash talk, infinite gags, and without the Cogs.

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