The T-Shirt Curse

ac2[Asheron’s Call 2] I used to play AC2. In fact, I won a free account for life. Life of the game I suppose it was in all actuality. I was also in the Vanguard program. That was a special group of players that had access to the test server and could try new features and give feedback. In fact, there was even a mob put in the game with my name on it – thanks to a quest that a group of us designed and had implemented.

Well, they sent out t-shirts to the Vanguard members at one point and while doing a clean up at home I found it. I snapped some pictures for posterity. FrontBackBack up close.

This reminded me of the one other game that gave me a free t-shirt, during the beta of Earth & Beyond. Hmm, two free t-shirts and two dead MMOs. Note to devs: don’t send me a t-shirt if you want your MMO to survive. Now, lets see if I can dig up that E&B t-shirt so I can take some pics.

– Ethic

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7 thoughts on “The T-Shirt Curse”

  1. All subscription based games should give out free tshirts. A tangible “reward” for those who dutifully pay their monthly subscription fees.

  2. The E&B shirt was sent to everyone that was logged in during one of the stress test during beta. I think they actually sent me two.

  3. Ahhh memories….Earth and Beyond – or what I liked to call “There and back again”. Did anyone actually land on “Earth”. Man, we need to reassess the dangers of CFC’s pollution and global warming…pretty desolate place after we got through with it. Must have been all those WMD’s. :)

  4. Sorry…. I may be getting confused with another beauty of a space sim – Battlecruiser Millenium. I don’t think there actually was an Earth in E&B. My bad.

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