EVE[EVE Online] In a stunning move, CCP has added a wonderful new piece of technology to their forums. Utilizing some sort of thingamajig called “google”, they have given us all the ability to do something we have long thought impossible.

We can now search the forums! Cheers to CCP for this brilliant (and dare I say bold) move to keep all the other MMO companies on their toes trying to catch up.

This news was brought to my attention over at CrazyKinux. Thanks man!

– Ethic

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11 thoughts on “Amazing!”

  1. Quite a shame that CCP needed several years to implement searching capabilities into their website. Searching the forum via google worked before though.

  2. Good timing on my part then I guess. I just reactivated a free trial account i had started over 9 months ago (fear the n00b ):P Since i am completely lost, i’ll be using the forums alot.

  3. Any time Ethic!

    Rgr that Dyardawen, but I guess they had more important things to do at the time – timewise and budgetwise. Sure am glad they finally got to it though!

  4. you know unless that thing has a BS filter I still fail to see its usefullness…… just kidding, it is aboot time darn it

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