Does City of Heroes Have Issues?

coh[City of Heroes] City of Heroes has an Issue every three months or so. These are the big content updates, introducing new zones, powers, etc. Issue 6 coincided with the release of City of Villains at Halloween.

It has been a while since then. Cryptic puts out “feature updates” to maintain interest from week to week. Is it a bad sign when the update is literally “Hey, check out these walls!“?

(In fairness, there are more updates here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. Any surprises left for the test server?)

: Zubon

5 thoughts on “Does City of Heroes Have Issues?”

  1. Of course.

    There’s the surprise of exactly how much Masterminds, Tankers, Blasters, Stalkers, and Defenders will be nerfed.

  2. Naturally. Giving defense the same (better) scaling with level as damage reduction? Massive nerf right there.

    And giving Masterminds 70% damage reduction?



    (No, seriously, if you put a pet in defensive follow you split the damage 66/33. Or 50/25/25 if there are two, and so on. Can you say “meatshield”? I knew you could.)

  3. They’re going to nerf masterminds in I7? Or did that already happen? I play only occasionally and hadn’t noticed.

  4. There are no pre-warned Mastermind nerfs set for Issue 7. Instead, they are getting a new primary set and a potentially useful defensive ability named Bodyguard, which lets them share damage received with any pets set to Defensive-Follow.

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