Feels Good

EVE[EVE Online] Finally got back out and shot down some rats. Damn that feels good. It’s like I haven’t played EVE for the last month, which is probably pretty accurate. Nothing gets the blood flowing like a good old fashioned explosion.

Anyway, I started playing around with Flickr some to hold some of my screenshots, we’ll see how it goes.

– Ethic


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12 thoughts on “Feels Good”

  1. I would like to (read: have to?) clone myself so that my other half may play Eve full time. atm, I can’t put any time into it. :(

  2. Glad to see your back, and having fun!

    You’ve got some really nice screenshots there. The one with the rat and rocket is stunning!

  3. Thanks, I’ll try to get some larger shots. This was just me trying to get used to taking screenshots during combat without the GUI displayed. Made me a little nervous.

  4. Rifter ftw. I’m realy starting to like that third world fighter. Glad you are back at it. Ill be back to EvE after this vacation. I’ve been gone like three days and I already feel months behind.
    Keep the pics coming, I’m eveing vicariously through them

  5. I think there are a few ways, but I just hit Ctrl + Tab to toggle it off and on.

  6. It’s hard to believe that they feel the need to update the graphics engine…. damn shame – hopefully nothing breaks. (like SW:NGE don’t get me started)

    Who cares about stupid Vista and dummy DirectX 10? Let’s get some OpenGL ports going! sorry, hairball.

  7. …aargh stupid hairball joke fall flat silly bloggy thingy no likey brackety thingies so veiled reference to linux and/or mac os x ports no go through-ie. There, I feel better.

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