I Do Not Have Super Jump IRL

Work sent me out of town for the past week. The hotel lobby reminded me of a City of Heroes office map, where the upper floors have a landing that looks down on the lobby. Having run that map hundreds of times, I needed to remind myself that if I hopped over the railing, I would not land safely except for a little red “-2” over my head.

The stairs were further from temptation than the elevator.

: Zubon

5 thoughts on “I Do Not Have Super Jump IRL”

  1. That’s part of what is so fun about these games, doing cool stuff that you just can’t do in real life. And I do the same thing all the time.

  2. My problem is I mess around when I’m imagining these things, and I don’t realize I have “On-Lookers” untill its too late, and I just have to be like.. “I’m retarted, you wouldn’t understand” :P …

    Example: I am going down 3 floors on the stairs, and I decide to do some tricks (Video Game inspired) and as I land my 5th conseutive trick I look up and its the CEO of Design in front of me, I just had to act as if what I was doing was completely normal and keep movin :P …but that’s whats fun about being me, nutty encounters like that :P hahah!

  3. This is why I always like more interactive controls, but not so much so that you get into tons of action/twitched based controls, though I certainly do like such things when they are used well.

    Games like FFXI are really linear. For example, in FFXI you just run around (no jumping or anything), target things, and click a button to activate them. Every thing is really menu based and feels very uninteractive. EVE felt very similar to FFXI, but in terms of context it actually made sense (you’re flying a ship, not walking around), which actually flipped it around and made if feel interactive, kind of like a flight simulator, only more like a futuristic space ship simulator.

    Games like WoW are a bit of a step up. Controlling your character in WoW feels very fluid as if I have full control. I can jump and buttons like sitting down and attacking are right at my fingertips and aren’t accessed through a menu.

    I don’t know much about CoH, but I’m assuming it’s more like WoW. For example, I’m assuming super jump doesn’t require you to select the ability then choose where to jump to. I’m assuming you just press whichever button to jump and you jump and fully control it.

    I wish more games would make use of this. We’re no longer on a 2D plane fighting random enemies anymore. Things like the whole Havok physics and the ability to pick up and move things in EC4: Oblivion make me giddy with pleasure. If only we could see more “virtual reality” things inspired in more MMOs.

  4. Lufia, we’re superheroes. We don’t just jump. We fly in 3-D. Now it is up to Issue 7 to let us interact with more of the environment in Mayhem Missions.

  5. You mean going into that office that looked like one of CoV’s missions and stealing some paper from a filing cabinet is wrong in real life? DANG!

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