Stay Alive! I’m Talking to You WoW Servers

wow[World of Warcraft] 2nd UPDATE: The servers remained down for about 24 hours. Everyone on the affected realms will get a free day.

The 17 or so problem servers that are oh so prone to crashes and restarts are down again tonight. They went down a little after midnight PST and Blizzard is estimating that they will not be up and running again until 6AM PST. I logged on hoping to get on one of my level 2 RP server alts. Back when downtime was more common, the RP servers (usually stable due to low populations) would see an influx of players killing time while waiting for their realms to go back on. This would of course lead to some hilarious exchanges.

You had basically three possibilities:

1) Some guy comes on and doesn’t use RP language. He gets a bunch of “I am unfamiliar with your tongue stranger” comments, call everyone a f****t, and logs off never to be heard from again. (Until the next time there is a realm problem.)

2) Some guys come on and role play that they are prostitutes. Popular temporary red light districts include most of the Night Elf starting areas and the roof of the Bank of Ogrimaar. The legitamite role players get into arguments with them (“we will not accept such depravity with the walls of our fair city”) and eventually get so fed up with their escort service spam that they break character and threaten to get a GM. Also, lots of guilds with really inappropriate names pop up.

3) The best is when someone either has no idea they are on a RP realm or have no idea how a RP realm works. These guys are amazed that so many “real girls” are playing on this realm. I think some RPers probably get a kick out of this as well.

But, alas, the problems may have spread to other servers as well since the RP servers I have characters on are all offline as well and I am too lazy to create a new character even though I may be missing out on a comedy goldmine.

BTW, I did not see Stay Alive, but Silent Hills was pretty good.


4 thoughts on “Stay Alive! I’m Talking to You WoW Servers”

  1. Is there really a big disparity between the amount of real girls on RP servers vs. normal servers? My Twisting Nether characters are orcs, so I don’t really talk to many people – it’s where I go for quiet time basically. There seem to be quite a few real females on my main server, more than I’ve noticed in any of the other games that I’ve played. When I started gaming “girls didn’t play video games”, guess that’s one of the reasons I always felt like an outsider…

    Anyway, I thoroughly enjoy the blog guys!

  2. I’ve always liked the -idea- of actual roleplay, but I can never bring myself to associate with other people in these things unless I already know them from elsewhere. Hell, can you blame me? My socialization choices in City of X tend to be Princess Kitty Meow-Meow and DARKITY-DARKSKULL TEH DESTROYAR. Please, I ain’t roleplaying with these fools.

    I’m that bent player who likes the gameplay of MMORPGs, but could pretty much take or leave the whole MMO- part of the equation that we pay so damned much money to sustain. As you might imagine, I’m currently enjoying Oblivion immensely.

  3. I didn’t mean to imply more girls played on RP than regular realms, although I suspect that might be the case. I was refering to a scene of pure hilarity when some guy was chatting up a group of human females in Goldshire, not realizing that on a RP server when you ask people if they are male or female they will give you an answer based on their character.

    And yeah, I hear you guys about RP. It is very hard to get into in a MMO. I think the old text based Dragon Realms was probably the closest to a pure RP experience I ever found online.

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