Zxyrox’s Yearly Post

Well I felt I needed to write something, I’ve been busy both in Real Life and Gaming, and haven’t given it much thought.

As Far as WoW goes, im still not impressed, More raiding content that will seperate the guys in Blues and Greens from the Epic Super Soldiers, who will very soon be able to 1-shot said Blue/Green folk (which Blizzard will need to realise fast, as they have a large majority of Pvpers in the game who are fed up with the honor grind as it is, much less more Epics to drool over as they are getting cut into cubes by them).

Eve Online I’m having more fun with, getting back into PvP with my corp Amarria Auxillia, been trudging around Huzzah/CVA space destroying everything in our way without a death yet, having great fun, many tech2 cloaking devise drops and corpses for everyone, and of course many things going explodey. Which I have to say is a hell of a lot more satisfying than Killing Night Elves (I know someone will disagree with me on this) .

Real Life, still not fun, no new patches or content updates, and my Social Life has been nerfed. terrible server side lag and way too many noobs play. I think I’m hitting the cancel button soon :P.


3 thoughts on “Zxyrox’s Yearly Post”

  1. Only problem I have with EVE PvP is that the good fights are few and far between. I can only sit in a blob so long before I get bored of th 2 shuttle kills we’ve managed over a 4 hour gate camp.

    Even when we go out hunting it rarely turns up good. The best time I’ve had is in tech I frigate death squads taking out battleships and ratters. Thats a real challenge… most of EVE PvP is not. Most EVE PvP only happens when one side knows it can dominate the other. Otherwise its align and warp off with the stragglers getting picked off.

  2. I’ve managed to play a full year’s worth of EVE and not lose a single ship. The insurance companies throw a party each time I buy another policy.

  3. I have lost many ships. “Hmm, can I do this…. Nope. Can I get… ah poo. Ah well, I can get another.”

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