One Guild Down

wow[World of Warcraft] It didn’t take but a little over a week for the newly formed guild I joined to break up. Poor attendance and a hasty guild master ended it. I’m actually quite sad because I liked the group of people. It was fun raiding with them and learning the stuff, we just didn’t seem to be too terribly good at it. I personally don’t blame the attendance. We didn’t have a regular guild schedule making it hard for people who weren’t in the last raid or logged in daily to check the guild message to know about the next raid.

The guild master decided to make characters on another server on Alliance side and asked us to come with him. A few of us did, including me, mostly because I consider these people my friends now and it’s fun to play with them. Despite this, it’s nothing but an alt to me. I did manage to get into another raiding guild after being recommended from the disbanded guild. This guild is currently up to Hakkar in ZG and Domo in MC, so it’s a pretty new guild, which I’m excited about.

I have already raided with them a couple of times, once in ZG and once in MC. This guild certainly seems to have the experience and people to be good, but something about it just isn’t as fun. The guild master has real life friends in the guild and they constantly joke around with one another while raiding, which personally makes me feel distant. It feels as if these people aren’t trying to connect with anyone else, but more or less a guild of a few friends and a bunch of people who only come because they want phat loot. My brother feels the same way. On top of that, it feels like listening to penis jokes and childish giggles for 3-4 hours straight on vent. They have joked around so much that we have wiped on trash pulls several times thanks to lack of focus. The guild master seems to realize this crap has to stop, so hopefully it gets better. We have the members and the skill, we just have to become a much closer group than we are.

In all honesty, end-game WoW is not fun enough unless you have a bunch of friendly people. I’m playing the game for fun, not gear. If it comes down to whether or not I’m having fun, I would much rather be in my old guild who wipes many times in ZG than be in a guild where I’m clawing my brain out just so I may have the chance at an epic drop.


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  1. “In all honesty, end-game WoW is not fun enough unless you have a bunch of friendly people”
    Only change to that comment I would make is replace “end-game WoW” with “end-game in any current MMO”

    So many people forget that in any MMO I play (I will use WoW as an example as it’s my current poison of choice). My own guild just had a semi implosion with about 15 people leaving because we weren’t raiding to their expectations (first 2 bosses in BWL were killed then we have sort of hit a wall for the last 20 days or so) so they got frustrated and quit. Our guild has always been more on the casual side of the fence and they seem to have forgotten that part once we started being able to pretty much farm MC

    As for the wiping on trash mobs it CAN be frustrating if it happens regularly because of goofing off, but I myself like to have or hear conversation happening when raiding even with the occasional wipe. On the nights were we just grind through the mobs and whatnot it’s just rather boring to me, and in no way resembles the definition for the word “fun” for me.


    yay for rambling :D

  2. It’s not the joking around that’s annoying, it’s the obnoxious, excessive, and often times not inclusive joking around.

  3. I love my new guild; The Pod People (TPP) of Whisperwind. They are so non-focused that it is a blast. There is random tournaments, mystery events, level 1 naked gnome races, and god knows what else they can think of. Anytime of day there is 20+ people on of various levels. Best thing is they are actually moving into raiding! Their recent ZG raid turned into a blast when everyone but the main tank decided to do the chicken dance emote. So at the precise time the tank pulled and turned around there was 19 people doing the chicken dance right as someone put the song on over Ventrillo :) Of course they wiped, but its now infamous amongst the guild as the greatest time ever.

    Some guilds just don’t get fun and are far too business oriented. It’s loot addiction and can’t be cured… err well maybe the fabled “girlfried cure”.

    The greatest part of TPP is the fact we’re random strangers that just want to have fun. We have a lot of alts of hardcore raiders from other servers that have fully switched over just to have fun, plan events, and help others. With such an old server it is often hard to get groups for lower level instances. I’ve had help in each and every instance so far. Sure it’s a level 50+ taking me through, but I’ve done these all before and I still get to see the dungeon at least :)

  4. I started playing on Whisperwind – I’ll keep my eye out for you HG.

  5. I guess its a sign of the times – or something. Our guild is in a similar situaion. Casuals who had MC, ZG and Ony on farm then stalled on BWL. The more hardcore raiders started departing, the casuals disappearing into the woodwork to avoid raids and the idea of enforced raid attendance. Now we have a hard time getting enough head for MC. *Sigh* I can’t imagine the divide that Naxx is going to bring into borderline raiding guilds.

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